06 January 2013

Sampar : Glamour Shot Eyes Review

Package arrived last year *well.. only 2 weeks before 2013 LOL
Sampar PR contacted me and send me this sample (3 Glamour Shot & 2 Glamour Shot Eyes)
I heard and read about this product before, it'a a high end product,
and for me, high end product usually works better.

Sampar products contains powerful and natural anti-oxidants to restore and protect skin
that is daily subjected to pollution and other free radicals in urban location.
1. Shea Butter Serum (against free radical & toxins)
2. Probiotic sugar (source of vital cellular energy)
3. Mint Endorphin (naturally soothing & anti inflammatory)

Their new innovation called COSMAKEUP, blurring the lines between skin care and make-up,
aim to provide the most innovative and effective result within minutes.

Let's check this product one by one shall we :)


Basically Glamour Shot is transparent foundation to be applied over our daily moisturizer,
and they declared it will watch unwanted shine, fines lines, pores, redness and blemishes fade away
in JUST SECONDS! and the results our wrinkles are visibly corrected, skin texture is smoothed
and it will mattify our complexion.

Texture bit similar with essence, not thick but easily absorb, after you spread it evenly
it's immediately turned matte with soft touch :) , even tough it's a transparent foundation,
the coverage surprise me, cover almost everything from pores, lines and wrinkles.
somehow i recommend use it without any foundation or BBcream,
you’ll notice small amounts of flakes & uneven texture.

With these baby, you'll have porcelain baby complexion, smooth!
and it dries rather quick, Love the finish look Velvet Matte


pic from Sampar

LOVEEEE this product,  just dab a little dot, and blend it evenly,
use your make up 5 minutes after.
- instantly reduces wrinkle, and it's moist.
- the scent relatively pleasant, after applied it
- area under my eyes so smooth,
- texture is thick like serum. 
- It really cured my eyebag and puffiness, gives you matte finish look
- find it so wrong if I applied concealer before put this product, becomes cakey
- and you cant use it with your liquid foundation it could turn out blotchy or streaky

tips : use the sponge applicator and dab it quickly, since it dries relatively fast

These are the key ingredients in the product :
MIB Complex :
helps eliminate puffiness and dark circles, thanks to its anti-oedematous, 
anti-inflammatory and veinotonic properties.

HQA Microlens
newest generation of soft focus, fill in furrows and lines so 
that light is reflected off the skin homogeneously, 
visually erasing imperfections and illuminating the eye area.

Oat Extract 
provides an optimal and immediate lifting effect.

Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid 
enables targeting of wrinkles and fine lines from within and plumps the eye contour for a long-term 
anti-wrinkles action.

Urban Advance Complex
a powerful alliance of 3 active ingredients (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar), 
acts as an anti-oxidant shield, neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, 
strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

I'm so gonna get the full product of this Glamour Shot Eyes
Until next post,


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  2. This reminds me, I haven't reviewed this yet huhuhu...
    Abis baca ini jadi penasaran pengen cobain besok ah hehehe... ;p


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