30 January 2013

Rubelli Wine Peeling Pad Review

Peeling are into one of my skin care routine, i always love doing peeling routine,
clean dirt & residues, remove dead skin, remove sebum. For this post I'm gonna share you
this new peeling innovation, peeling using a pad. It's Rubelli Wine Perfect Peeling Pads.
contain wine extract & coenzyme Q10 to brighten our skin.

you're gonna love this product, it does smooth out my skin,
you'll feel radiant snow like skin, no kidding.
This Pads that will deeply cleanse as well as gently remove dirt, residues and dead skin cells.
and it's not regular peeling, Rubelli introduce peeling with a pad that we can use both side.
so, how this pads works? let's find out

This is how you use this pad :
1. Wear Rubelli Wine Perfect Peeling Pads on your fingers
2. clean using button side (polkadot pattern)
3. change to the other side (cotton texture) to nourish and help you to achieve snow like skin :)


This product stated :
- With 100% pure natural scrub such as red wine extract to help slough off old skin, 
- revive new skin and shield it from pollution, creating a naturally resilient and radiant skin. 
- Combining with green tea and Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract, 
- your skin will be profoundly moisturized
- minimized pores in just 5 minutes!

For me, to know the result using a new skincare, took more than a months even years.
and i were only using this pads for about 2 weeks, so for short term using, i find out :
- this product so nice to hydrate my dull skin, 
- doesn't see much difference with my pore,
- but it does smooth and moist the skin, 
- not to mention this products smells so nice
- (wine + green tea) a perfect combination for anti oxidants.
- small pack so you can bring it everywhere
- just becareful  when you use this pad, avoid those hard edges on your skin

where did i get this? you can get this from Zatura Shop
oh and btw, Zatura hosting a cosmetic bazaar at Regatta - Pluit, Jakarta Utara
this Saturday & Sunday ( 2-3 Februari 2013)
you can get 10% discount + Sample by mention PygmalionLand

Until next post :)


  1. wow 2 in 1.. peeling and moisturizing.. ^^ nice review

  2. meii.. love your blog header.. susah d klo ahli dkv ya nekkk..

  3. hwaaa..keren banget..produk baru lagi!!
    pygmalionland emg sll identik sama produk2 baru...ngilerrrr...