30 January 2013

Lioele AC Control Toner Trouble Hunter Review

Last product from Papuros : January Beauty Box
I recommend this for oily skin who got problem with your Acne,
try this for about 2 weeks, and it shows nice complexion on the skin
better improvement on acne skin, keep skin clear and love the pump bottle.

We often forget toner in our skincare routine, you must not.
since toner help us remove the dirt and dead skin we simply missed with just soap and water.
I have a dry skin, used this and so far this product didn't show any significant results,
however, when i try this product for oily skin type *(read : husband guinea pig LOL)
turns out ok

This product contains :
Lioele’s patented Phytosoothing ingredients, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and vitamins to soothe skin redness, controls sebum production while at the same time maintaining skin hydration level.
I only used this product twice a day (morning and night)

This product does not feel sticky at all and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky
please wait for at least 15 minutes to ensure tones absorbed well in your face
for you who have a sensitive skin, this product contains alcohol, which for 
some person will feel itchy and irritate.

And this the result for 14 days of usage :
 reduce redness and calm the acne

works nice and well
(no minimum transaction)
Email papuros.shop@gmail.com. BB Pin 26b3ca21

so what are you waiting for, go grab them while it's last.
it's all available (ready stock)

Until next 
Papuros : February Beauty Box


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