11 January 2013

Lens Puffy 3 Tones Blue Reviewed

Been a while, since my last lens reviewed.
got this from Iszo Circle lens, it's  Puffy 3 Tones Blue
color so amazing, combine this lens with smokey dark eye makeup
and, turns out so so nice. And you'll get a pair of cute animal case.
mine here "blue cat" match with the lens :)

Diameter : 14.5mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable
Water Content: 38%
Labelled by: DollyEye / Douceurs

Love the 3 tones color, sparkling effect design with good enlargement
without looking so fake. let's roll in with picture shall we :)

secure packaged with bubble warp :)

Design :
with a bit of black outer ring to emphasize your eyes, without looking so fake
i love pattern design, really pop out my eyes, looking natural not so cosplay.

Color :
quite obvious in dim/dark places. appear nicely under the sun light *bright and eyecatching

Enlargement :
enlarge with reasonable size, 14.8mm. if you're afraid with bigger lens, try this.
you can check photo below, before and after lenses enlargement on my eye.

Comfort :
I don't have any problem with this lens, it's comfortable, i can wear this whole day :)
only in air conditioned places for long period then
i'll feel a bit dry.

You can get this circle lens from ISZO Cirle Lens
Valid from today till 31-12-2013
Not valid on Discounted / Value Pack item, or the order will be denied.

Your code should be " Pygma10 " but not  "pygma10"
Make sure the P is capital letter.
- make sure the total amount in shopping cart has reach $20 before apply the code.


you can check this make up tutorial Here

Until next post.



  1. love your eye makeup ce <3
    ok bangettt

    1. Waaaa makasi :) , cuma pakai innisfree shadow liner dr papuros januari beauty box. Review menyusul :9

  2. nice! thank you for this review! you look very beautiful. :)

    1. thank you dear :)
      you should try this lens, it's amazing

  3. Replies
    1. thank you :) , bukan dueba, di labelnya sih puffy, tapi di label oleh dolly eyes/douceurs dari korea

  4. wahh looking so fierce meyy! love the eye makeup! you are looking so fab! :D


  5. cantik banget!=) love the color and love the makeup on you...thumbs up!

  6. awesoomeee ^_^...<3 the look..You look like a doll..kisses

  7. The blue color looks very stunning! very matching with your amazing eye makeup, you so pretty! I Love it <3