09 January 2013

Innisfree : Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack Review

Innisfree, another product from Korea *well again and again >.<
this time it's not a cosmetic review, it's skincare. If you happen follow me at twitter,
you'll know that I went to beach for end of year holiday, well it's fun.
I play to my heart contents, but.... I burnt my skin both face and body *huhhh
I need to rehydrate my skin especially my face, besides doing facial, I'm trying this
Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack from Innisfree and the results? one word! WOW

Description of this product:
- Enriched with wine extracts from France
- wine creates a clear and smooth jelly-like skin by gently lifting away dead skin cells
- providing hydrating moisture
- creates a clear and resilient jelly-like skin with its shape-memory barrier.

How to use it?
- spread it evenly, avoid mouth and eyes area, use this before you go to sleep
- rinse off in the morning

After using for a while, here's what i thought:
- SUPERB!!!! it's miraculously re-hydrating my dull skin *praise to the lord
- Smells so good, no kidding. remind me of sweet flower & wine *divineeeee
- I use it as my final step of skin care routine before i go to bed
- I have dry skin, and it's works fine
- wake up and NO OIL at all, instead i have plump, smooth, moisturized skin
- It doesn't irritate my skin
- No Breakout *thanks God
- Leaves no sticky residue on skin
- Texture : Jelly but easily absorb & easy to applied (bit liquid/watery)
- Packaging from plastic and comes in sealed plastic
- now, it's in my skincare primary list :)

What about for oily skin?
I asked my husband to try this pack *with force LOL
he has the most oily skin I've ever seen, I think you can fried an egg with his oily skin,
So, after he try this pack defenselessly and turns out :
- He like it, works fine with his oily skin
- well it's not like he woke up and the oil dissapear, but it helps REDUCE it a lot.
- he also feels plump, moist and re-hydrate
- it also "calms" his pimples

Overall it's recommend,  but I think it would be more hygienic if they included spatula.
where did i get this? thanks to Zatura Shop sending me when I needed it.
Promo from Zatura : 13% off for Pre-Order Cosmetics (until January 15th 2013)
minimal purchased is Rp. 300.000

Until next post :)


  1. wah.. sounds good for oily skin as well! seems like i need to try this. love the review as always mey! ^^


  2. interesting product =D thanks for the review~

  3. aaaaaghh ci mei racunnnn, aku jadi pengen biar tau cocok atau ngga sama kulit oily ku ;__;


    1. Ahhahaha tapi ini kan racun yang bagus, produknya oke, share ya klo dah pakai.

  4. thanks for the review! manfaat banget, kebetulan aku lagi nyari sleeping mask yang oke, jadi makin tertarik nyoba yang ini.
    aku mau tanya, untuk perawatan di malam hari, cukup gak ya kalau cuma pakai sleeping pack aja? (no toner, no moisturizer, no serum...)

    1. Produk ini sebenarnya sebagai lapisan terakhir dr skincare kita. Dan dia bekerja di atas permukaan kulit.

      Baiknya sih jgn skip toner dan cream malam. Atau ga minimal toner deh.

      Krn toner buat angkat kotoran yang bersisa.