12 December 2012

Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Review

Too Cool For Cool be taken seriously in their packaging design,
super cute with adorable illustration, how can i resist this baby???
The Eye Design Box comes in a box with the sketch of Anke Wechkmann
and it contains :
- 2 eye brow powder
- 1 creamy black gel
- 1 two ended brush for your brow and eyeline

love the idea that they are combining two staple in one make up bag
this is so recommend for traveler.

Curious how it's looks like?

Too Cool For School : Eye Design Box :
has 2 shades (black & brown kit) *here i'll review the black kit

A. Brow
- shadow has a matte finish, not so pigmented (almost sheer) but has a good staying power
- bit similiar but for best result, try to mix both of this color into your brow
- it wont get to dark, however you can build up easily for natural eyebrow
- brush bit harsh :(
- not waterproof nor sweatproof, but stay reasonably for whole day.

B. Gel Liner
- gel liner itself has an intense creamy black, waterproof, smudgeproof
- this gel liner doesnt dry instantly, wait about 15-20 seconds
- however it doesnt really rubbed off once it sets
- good staying power, use this almost 8 hours and still good 
- love the brush, i can create wing line using those brush
- its just the brush didn't provide closed cap, when the brush dry
you'll find it really hard to use, so i suggest you find a replace cap.

Overall ?? this eye design box worth to try,
value for your money (Rp. 168.000), save your bag space.
you can use this for your brow, as an eye shadow, mascara
and even eyeliner. how convenient :) . 


make up tutorial for natural look with this eye design box.
(use your foundie/bbcream/primer/moisturizer etc as canvas first)

1. build your brow
2. then, use it as an eyeshadow
3. continue with the gel liner, draw a thin line or wing it
4. apply it to your lashes as a mascara
5. and Voilaaa. you're done with eye make up
6. finish it with Art Class Blusher
7. add liptint / lipstick / lipbalm
8. for drama? put on your circle lens & add false lashes
9. you're done! easy peasy and affordable

easy right? you can achieve this look
only using Papuros : December Beauty Box

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you can buy Papuros : December Beauty Box separately or complete
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so what are you waiting for, go grab them while it's last.
it's all available (ready stock)

Until next 
Papuros : January Beauty Box



  1. wah praktis banget satu product bisa buat macem2 :D
    mind to follow back my blog? thank you :)

  2. This really does come with a lot of awesome stuff!! Ahh and the packaging is the cutest!

  3. Iya, praktis banget ya. Kalo harga segitu terbilang murah krn multifungsi.
    di under eyelid ujungnya kayak ada shimmer white. Itu pakein apa ya?