26 December 2012

Zap Hair Removal : First Experienced Review

Awal November kemarin Saya diundang oleh Zap Hair Removal untuk mencoba treament mereka,
Zap adalah cara baru untuk menghilangkan "unwanted hair" secara permanen dengan
teknologi yang modern. Tanpa rasa sakit, cepat dan aman.

Ini adalah kali pertama mencoba hair removal, waxing yang sempat booming pun belum
pernah Saya coba, alasannya? sederhana, karna mitos urban legend yang mengatakan
bulu yang dicabut akan kembali tumbuh lebih banyak dan cepat, belum resiko pembesaran
pori-pori di area yang di cabut. So I never try any of hair removal treatment.

Berbekal rasa penasaran dan deg-deg an, Saya pun memutuskan untuk ke Zap
di daerah Belleza, permata hijau minggu kemarin. Ternyata staff melayani dengan profesional,
kita diharuskan mengisi form treament dulu, front liner menjelaskan Zap dan cara kerjanya
dengan detail dan padat.

Jadi seperti apa perawatannya? penasaran dengan tempatnya? yuk mari :)

25 December 2012

Etude House : Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil Review

Etude House : Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil is automatic
I used this for outline my lower line or highlight my inner corner
so creamy and easily glide on, The pencil comes with a cleverly hidden sharper.
But somehow i find it so hard to use, you need to put a lot of patient on it.
The packaging just some regular box with metallic design, pencil easy to grip.

What i like about this product ?
- waterproof
- staying power is good, long lasting
- you need a good make up remover to clean this baby
- creamy
- vibrant and shimmer
- did i mention it's affordable, it's below IDR 100K , check it at Lovely Pinky

one thing that i don't like about this product, you need to re-sharp it :( ,
but since the sharper attach at the end of the pencil, there should be no problem at all.
curious how this baby looks like?

24 December 2012

Etude Look at My Eyes Icing Review

Etude : Look at My Eyes Icing comes in 4 shades
CMIIW : brown, bronze, silver and vanilla
and here's what reviewed it's Vanilla, i asked lovely pinky send me this
since i love the vanilla color, you can use it as a base, for inner corner,
highlight and eyeshadow. complete right :)

Overall, I do like this product :
- So glittery and sparky
- Pigmented
- Staying power is good
- I can use this as base eyeshadow
- It's waterproof, smudgeproof hooray
- Texture is soft bit creamy, easy to applied
- Affordable, it's below IDR 100.000 you can get this from Lovely Pinky
- Packaging acrylic
- color it's opal pearl and gives you natural glow
- it's moist and somehow stay matte :)
- you need use makeup remover to clean this shadow
- if you feel confident wearing shimmery glowy glittery shadow for casual look, i recommend this :)

Let's check the swatch and packaging :

19 December 2012

Lens Reviewed : Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Another sponsored lens review from Uniqso :)
This time they sent me Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown,
lens arrived quite fast, only 10 days. I have to say that Uniqso service
very friendly, especially the owner Lee Lee.

Comes with box packaging bubble warped, so worry free.
and also comes with q tip & standard lens case.

This Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown produced by Dueba
origin from Korea, I heard and read a lot of review about them,
famous for their comfortable lens, so? how about my verdict?
Let's take a closer look shall we?

18 December 2012

It's Skin Babyface Gel Pencil Eyeliner Review

This product super recommended, from It's Skin Babyface : Gel Pencil Eyeliner
like any regular pencil eyeliner, 5inch long with ergonomic handgrip.
5 shades to pick :) , and here i'm gonna review shades no.5
it's bit pink mix with gold, like champagne color with pink tint
so girly and feminine.

Stated from their website :

- Long-lasting and waterproof functions lengthen its effect
- Can be applied smoothly due to its gel type texture
- Has a clear twinkle due to its glass type pearl
- Creamy texture expresses a delicate line and a deep eye line

let's move on to swatch and full review :

17 December 2012

It's Skin Babyface Creamy Eye Color Review

Never used any creamy eye color before, bit eager when i tried this babyface,
comes in 3 shades (silver, pink and bronze) with a small size squeeze tube only 4.5g

It's stated that this product :
- Pearl and color gives a glowing look.
- Cream type that is safe to use on eye area.
- Non-powdery with a silky application.
- Long lasting

my verdict?

16 December 2012

Spa at Home with Sariayu

Siapa disini yang tidak suka perawatan Spa? Padahal banyak sekali manfaatnya
untuk kebugaran dan perawatan tubuh. Kulit bersih, wangi dan terasa segar itu adalah
alasan kenapa Saya sangat suka dengan perawatan Spa. Dengan rutin melakukan Spa
tubuh akan terasa rileks, pikiran fresh, dan kita akan selalu merasa senang dengan
keadaan kita yang begitu tenang dan segar.

Saya menyukai spa karna manfaat perawatannya yang menggoda :) ,
kulit menjadi halus, bersih, terawat. Ketika sedang Spa biasanya selalu dilakukan
pemijatan sehingga aliran darah menjadi lancar, sehingga otot kita yang tegang
menjadi kendur, rileks. Yang paling penting? memperlambat proses penuaan *penting banget!

Dulu buat Saya, perawatan spa cenderung mahal sehingga tidak bisa sering dilakukan,
apalagi harus menempuh perjalanan jauh yang sangat macet untuk merasakan rileks.
Sampai Saya melirik product Sariayu yang menawarkan rangkaian perawatan Spa,
yang bisa dilakukan dimana saja, dengan rangkaian perawatan yang lengkap.

Spa dirumah merupakan pilihan yang menarik karna praktis. 
Apalagi harga product yang ditawarkan sangat bersahabat dengan kantong,
sehingga spa bisa dilakukan dengan frekuensi sering :D

Perawatan spa dirumah menggunakan product murah dan berkualitas?
Sariayu Beauty Spa jawabannya. Product apa saja yang biasa
Saya pakai ketika melakukan spa dirumah? let's find out

14 December 2012

Shopping Online at Martha Tilaar

In case if you don't know, Martha Tilaar is a cosmetics company from Indonesia
and  they have a lot of variant brands such as : Belia, Bioskos, Caring, Mirabella, PAC,
Sari Ayu. Well known for their affordable product, dedicated for Indonesian Woman
from Teen - Adult, from beginner - professional make up, complete.

Today I'm gonna share how to shopping online from their website,
they accept BCA and Mandiri via ATM or internet banking, too bad
ordering and shipping is valid in Indonesia only. For International
readers, if you're interested to bought their items, i'd be happy to help you buy it.
you should try their eyeshadow, super pigmented.

and here's the step how to do it :)

12 December 2012

Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Review

Too Cool For Cool be taken seriously in their packaging design,
super cute with adorable illustration, how can i resist this baby???
The Eye Design Box comes in a box with the sketch of Anke Wechkmann
and it contains :
- 2 eye brow powder
- 1 creamy black gel
- 1 two ended brush for your brow and eyeline

love the idea that they are combining two staple in one make up bag
this is so recommend for traveler.

Curious how it's looks like?

11 December 2012

Too Cool For School Art Class Blusher Review

I've been so curious about this product since I spotted this
at blogger event months ago, and Voila... It's included in Papuros December Beauty Box
so happy about it. Too Cool For School it's a brand from Korea *again??
yeah I know, I reviewed ton of Korea Cosmetics :D , what am I supposed to do?
Korea packaging it's super duper uber cute.

wait until you see the packaging of this Too Cool Art Class Blusher
you'll agree with me, why they named it : art class blusher.

10 December 2012

Vivi Clothes

Did you guys like to shopping online? Me? I love it :)
browse browse, compare compare until you find the right shop
that value us as important customer and provide large variant of product
not to mention, fast shipping that hassle free.

So, one day I'm looking ankle boots then I ended up
landing in Vivi Clothes website. It's a cute shop,
they sell high quality clothing from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.
VIVI Clothes is known for unique clothing, shoes, gadgets and much more.

Also for the smaller women they have the unique sizes such as: xxs, xs, s and m size
also special shoe sizes such as: size 30 to 47
this is the most complete shoes size from online shop i've ever found :)

You'll drool with their collection, they got Liz Liza, Emoda, Merci Beaucoup, etc.
the boots and ankle collections will make you drop your jaw *no kidding.
So are you curious? let's find out

Cara Apply Visa Jepang

Mau sharing pengalaman apply visa Jepang yang konon katanya susah-susah gampang,
berhubung Saya sendiri sudah cukup sibuk dengan jadwal yang padat, jadi Saya memutuskan
untuk tidak apply sendiri ke duta besar Jepang yang berada di  Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat.

Bagi yang berangkat ke Jepang dengan menggunakan tour & travel, biasanya tidak akan seribet
kalau kita yang berangkat kesana sendiri. Karena harus menyiapkan itinary selama disana,
bookingan hotel dan berbagai dokumen lainnya.

Persyaratan dokumennya apa saja?

BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream Review

BRTC , this is my first time using this brand.
BRTC stands for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic or you can call it :
‘Skincare that Works… Botanically.’

Started in South Korea back in 2006, BRTC is a COSMECEUTICAL BRAND
that aims to optimize the efficiency of skincare with natural botanical ingredients.
Its objective is to provide functional aesthetic skincare that includes holistic preventative and
treatments to address many common skin problems.
It has various skincare lines to target different skin conditions and problems.

it's stated :
BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream SPF 37 PA++ 
- is a multi-benefit cover cream that blends the benefits of skincare and makeup. 
- It functions of whitening, wrinkle prevention and concealer. 
- It not only evens up and brightens up complexion, but also conceals imperfections. 
- In addition, it keeps providing skin with rich nourishment and a 
- SPF 37 sunscreen protection.

after using this for 2 weeks, let's check swatch and my review

09 December 2012

Papuros : December Beauty Box

Papuros Shop : December Beauty Box 
so, Papuros basically running monthly Beauty Box with special price off course :)
you can buy separately or the whole package with 10% disc by mention PygmalionLand

Papuros : December Beauty Box contains :

This is my first time using product from BRTC and Too Cool For School,
and guess what? I'm doing make up tutorial only using this 3 product
for natural daily make up & I hope you guys like it.

Let's introduce this Papuros : December Beauty Box one by one
shall we? :)

SkinFood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Review

It's not tint, lipstick or balm. it's a cream based lipstick and cheek treatment
that smells so good, mine here smells like lychee flavor.
comes in a handy size *I like small packaging, easy to carry with
I always love skinfood product, comes in cute packaging with featured food ingredients
it comes in flat tin with a sliding lid which sometimes can be unhandy :(

As a cheek treatment, they're great as cream blusher but not as pigmented as it seems
you need to reapply it but, however you can achieve natural look if you blend it well.

enough with the teaser, let's read full review

08 December 2012

TheFaceshop Lovely Me:Ex - Pink Cushion Blusher Review

Pink Cushion Blusher collection from TheFaceShop
it's in pastel shade, so unusual packaging from TheFaceShop though.
so cute and girly packaging, comes with small puff inside.
comes in 5 shades, i'm gonna review shades no. 4 (Pink Cushion)

Read my full review and swatch :)

It's Skin Baby Face Mascara Review

Jangan bosen ya :) , review kosmetik Korea lagi.
kali ini product dari It's Skin, dengan seri Baby Face nya.
It's Skin adalah kosmetik yang diformulasikan khusus dari Seoul University
yang kemudian dijadikan brand oleh Hangul Cosmetics pada tahun 2006.

Pertama kali melihat dan mendengar product It's Skin, ketika ditawarkan
oleh Lovely Pinky untuk menggunakan mascaranya yang berwarna ungu,
Yep.. UNGU :) , merasa aneh dan penasaran, Saya pun mengiyakan product ini
dikirim untuk direview.

Seperti apa penampakan dan reviewnya?

05 December 2012

Oriflame Eco Beauty : 15 Days Experienced Review

Kali ini saya mau sharing setelah 15 hari menggunakan Oriflame Ecobeauty skin care
yang terdiri dari : Day Cream - Night Cream - Eye Cream.
Review first impression sebelumnya bisa kalian baca di postingan bulan lalu.

Kebetulan saya beruntung sekali bisa mencoba Oriflame Ecobeauty ini
di dua negara yang cuacanya sangat berbeda. Setelah menggunakan beberapa hari di Indonesia,
saya memutuskan untuk membawa Oriflame Ecobeauty ini  di trip Saya kemarin
ke Jepang selama 10 hari dalam cuaca yang sangat dingin dan berangin, sekitar 8-16 derajat.

Untuk cuaca ekstrim seperti ini, sangat sangat disarankan untuk membawa
skin care yang melembapkan, terakhir Saya berpergian ke negara dingin tanpa persiapan,
hanya membawa skincare seadanya, kulit muka saya berakhir dengan kondisi yang
sangat memprihatinkan, berjerawat dan bersisik kering.

Ketika saya membawanya kesana, Oriflame Ecobeauty ini saya tawarkan
untuk digunakan ke teman Saya yang jenis kulitnya berminyak. Sedangkan
Saya sendiri jenis kulitnya memang kering.

Bagaimana hasilnya setelah menggunakan Oriflame Ecobeauty selama 15 hari?
mari kita lihat ulasan lengkapnya dibawah ini :)