11 November 2012

Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover for Traveling

What is Solusimu?
it's a disposable paper toilet seat cover for your needs,
i love this compact size for traveling, you never know any toilet
that you visit its super hygiene or sterile right?

well actually germs are not for sharing, with this toilet seat cover
we can use public toilet more ease and relax, since we can cover the seat.
comes in handy pack contains 10 sheets for your daily needs.

since my last visit to Guilin, China *horror toilet urghhhhhhhh >,<
(will back with traveling toilet story eeewwwww)
now, toilet seat cover it's my must item for traveling.

how to use this toilet seat cover?

its easy and hassle free :)
since it's 100% biodegradable, every time we flush this toilet cover it wont clog.
biological process will take place to dissolve it without adversely affecting the natural ecosystem.

It's specially designs for personal use as a travel pack for active and people
who spend most of their time in public places. 
Did you ever find a toilet seat cover with shoes print??
I DO!! and ALL THE TIME. Grrrrr!!!

thanks to Solusimu :)


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