09 November 2012

Softlens : EOS Bambi Violet Review

Another post about circle lenses :)
are you a person who wears circle lens as often as i do?
you should consider this EOS Bambi Violet, so comfortable.
and it's really makes a big difference to your eyes.
Normal enlargement 14.8 mm, big enough yet comfortable

thank to  ISZO Circle Lens who sponsored this lenses,
this is my second review on their lens, you can
check my first review here :)
*pssstt they shipping worldwide for FREE :)

let's check full review and swatch shall we?

Design :
if you like circle lens with black outer ring to emphasize your eyes, this will be your choice.
however i'm not quite fond the pattern.

Color :
although it's look like candy color, surprisingly it's blend well with my natural color.
not quite obvious in dim/dark places. appear nicely under the sun light

Enlargement :
enlarge with reasonable size, 14.8mm. if you're afraid with bigger lens, try this.
you can check photo below, before and after lenses enlargement on my eye.

Comfort :
Feel really comfortable with the lens on, only in air conditioned places for long period then
i'll feel a bit dry.

Lens life time : 1 year disposable
water content : 42%
Base curve : 8.6mm

You can get this circle lens from ISZO Cirle Lens
Valid from today till 31-12-2013
Not valid on Discounted / Value Pack item, or the order will be denied.




  1. Ups my bad, the correct one refer to bottle. I'll fix it :)

    Thank you dear

    1. np~~
      Awh :c I was planning on getting the Bambi Green but it's BC 8.8 :c

    2. Awww too bad, maybe you can try other type. Iszo got a lot collections. And off course 10%disc :)

    3. haha I've ordered fro them before! They're really great!
      I tried the coupon code but it didn't work D:

    4. Really? I'll try to contact them. Leave your email and i'll notify you soon.