07 November 2012

Pygmalion Land as Overseas Blogger at MyFatPocket.com

What is myfatpocket anyway?

MyFatPocket.com (MFP) is one of Singapore's leading women portals and 
your guide to everything female. It is your daily read and guide to 
beauty, fashion, gossips, relationships, lifestyle and community.

With over 2 million pageviews and 470,000 unique visitors every month, 
MyFatPocket is daily updated with insightful content, regular giveaways, 
interactive forums and popular blogs.

and proundly present *drumrollllll
pygmalionland.com now officially becomes one of their overseas blogger :)
you can check pygmalionland link here

how's the web look like?let's check shall we?

sleek design, simple template and lots of giveaway *nice :)
you can read the news, get interacted in forum
or read beauty review by blogger

Just simply click the blogger tab,
and find your favorite blogger

and Pygmalion Land as an overseas blogger :)

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