12 November 2012

Lioele Photogenic Mix Concealer Review

Lioele Photogenic Mix Concealer

Do you have dark circles like i do?
due my hectic sleeping schedule, i occasionally wake up in Panda mode >.<
and thanks to that, pimple and acne follow to pop up from nowhere.
well i know, it's a bad habit sleeping around 3 or 4 am, but sometimes
i like how i left out alone, doing my things alone *weird me hah!

so, thanks to Papuros, put this concealer in their November Beauty Box.
i'll have a chance to cover up my panda eyes. 

never used any lioele product before, it's korea brand.
let's take a look at this swatch, review and verdict :)

Here's what i thought 
- It's amazing, works fine, covers my dark circles and blemish
- Love it, so creamy, easy to blend
- comes in two shades (nude & dark beige) use it seprately or mix it at your convenience
- staying power is great 
- doesn't cake at all, love this part, since i got an oily lid
- good oil control
- perfect for creating a flawless look as it comes in two different colors for multiple usages.
- dark beige is perfect to shade away dark circles under the eyes or skin imperfections
- nude beige can be used as a highlighter to make your skin illuminate and look flawless and blemish-free.
- easily blend

tips :
since its creamy so it's best to use the warmth of your finger and dab on problem areas.

Price :
Rp. 187.000 - get this from Papuros Shop
(get 10% discount by mention PygmalionLand)

Love before and after comparison?
here's you go using Lioele Mix Concealer

(no minimum transaction)
you can buy Papuros : November Beauty Box separately or complete
Email papuros.shop@gmail.com. BB Pin 26b3ca21

so what are you waiting for, go grab them while it's last.
it's all available (ready stock)

Until next 
Papuros : December Beauty Box



  1. aku pernah nyobain toel2 concealer ini waktu ada lioele beauty class~ creammmyy banget teksturnya! salah satu produk inceran yang belum kebeli sampai sekarang *sigh*

  2. Dari kemarin aku tuh nyari dan nyoba bbrp concealer ga ada yg secocok ini. Biasanya tuh ada yg suka cakey di bawah lipetan mata.

    Krn ini creamy banget, ngblend nya oke banget.

    You should try this sha

    1. hai, aq baru nemu blog ini. so far i like it ;)

      aq punya mix concealer ini jg, baca review di blog lain jg katanya bagus, bs nutupin dark circles dan hasilnya flawless. cuma aq nyobain kok ga berhasil ya >_<;
      ini dipakenya sesudah apa sblm bb cream sih? aq nyobain sblm eh pas make bb cream jd keapus concealernya. nyobain sesudah bb cream eh lama2 warna antara bb cream dan concealernya jd keliatan beda, ga nyatu.
      apa aq yg ga cocok ato ga bs makenya Orz
      sayang udah beli tp ga bs makenya T^T

  3. its covers perfectly o_o
    but i think these colors are too dark for me..sigh

    1. Really? Do you a light/fair skin tone? I think you can conceal using the nude beige shade.

      Worth to try, creamy not cake at all and good staying power

  4. kak, kira-kira ini cocok gak ya buat nc 35? aku pengen beli ini tapi takut ntar shade nya terlalu terang
    terima kasih