30 November 2012

Lens Reviewed : Dolly Eye (Brown & Green)

Hello there :) , bee MIA almost 3 weeks
recently i just got back from my holy trip AKA Japan!! *will post about it later.
today i want to share Dolly Eye lens in Green & Brown
this lens was sponsored by UniqsoLens for my trip to Japan :)

love this lens, super comfy enlarge my eyes.
i did over use this lens, for almost 15hours in a cold and windy weather
and guess what, its still comfortable and didn't dry out my eyes.

let's review this one by one shall we :)

So, months before my departing day, Uniqso were kind enough 
sent me these two lenses for my Japan trip.

Uniqso sent me : 
both of them have a good eye enlargement 14.8mm
i would still be comfortable wearing them without feeling fake / cartoon anime look a like
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 38%
1 year disposal :)
Origin made in Korea


Overall :
this is my first time using circle lens without outer black ring,
turn out looks natural, best part is so eye catching especially
in day light outdoor. Love the design :) , if you want a natural
look you might consider to order this Dolly Eye - Starry Eye Brown

Use this for at least 10-15hours, sometimes dip with solutions
and still stay comfortable. this is so recommend especially if 
you have a sensitive eyes. love how it's feels like my own eyes
without lenses in it.

about the color? are you kidding me?
take a look at those photo above, so catchy!
blend well with my brown eye. superb!!!

I recommend you to try these big eye color contacts,
you can get this lenses from UniqsoLens, they ship worldwide 

okai, photo too small, too busy shopping at Uniqlo Shinjuku LOL

and here i'm using it again on my 6th day in Japan at Nakano Broadway

if you like this big eye color contacts and want to buy them
get this lenses from UniqsoLens or klik this link below

discount code [PygmalionLand] for 10% discount
what are you waiting for? go grab them now :)
btw, Uniqso based in Malaysia &  they ship worldwide 

let's move on to next review

loveeeee this lens, make my looks so fierce

Overall :
since it came from same brand Dolly Eye,
i can assured you that the quality and comfortable level
almost the same with the Starry Eye Brown.
enlarge my eyes with normal proportion, without looking like
an alien/anime pop out.

This lenses have thin black outer ring, that somehow i found it more normal
compare other brand that i ever used. like the pattern blend well with
my natural eyes. it might appear darker in a dim light. like how subtle it is
not too vibrant.

Now it's been my favorite lens, been wearing this all the time.
i like the dolly look without looking exaggerated.

me at Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto

if you like this big eye color contacts and want to buy them
get this lenses from UniqsoLens or klik this link below

discount code [PygmalionLand] for 10% discount
Uniqso based in Malaysia &  they ship worldwide 

Until next post :)


  1. wah yg green cakep banget lens-nya :D

    ur new follower :)

    1. Yes dear. You should try the green one. Give you a fierce dolly look.

      Just use my pygmalion code for 10% discount

  2. WOWWWW... Baguuusssss.. Dua-duanya bagusss... Yang make cakep pula :)

    1. Ahhh kamu, jadi malu eike LOL.
      Thanks anyway :)

      Yg coklat buat asian oke lho. Muka jadi cerah

  3. nice review dear :D

  4. nice review dear :D

  5. Love the Green one very much :)



  6. So ute lenses! Looks great on you! *-*

  7. Hi dear, nice review!
    I took some of your picture for reference purposes. I did not edit and i gave the credit to ur blog.
    Hope u dun mind!
    Thanx in advance!