12 November 2012

Holika Holika Luminous Silk Aura Pact SPF 25 Review

Holika Holika Luminous Silk Aura Pact SPF 25

Holika Holika is a Korean brand by Enprani of CJ group which is 
a very established high-end Korean Skincare Brand.

The brand has a unique magical theme and houses over 60 product lines ranging
from skin care to make up. Holika Holika means 'Beauty-HOLIC'. 
It has over 30 outlets in South Korea and its products are also available in Thailand and Singapore. 
Its brand endorsement by boy band CN Blue makes it an instant hit 
among teens and youths in Korea.

Been using it for about a week, doesn't clog pore, flawless finish
good staying power, comes in 2 shades (asian skin tone).
smells so nice, and off course cute packaging as always

curious how this pact looks like?

What about this pact?
- got SPF 25 (UV protect functional)
- very light
- only comes in 2 shades ( light and natural beige)
- smooth finish
- packaging? are you kidding me? it's super cute
- i feel fresh all day, good staying power
- coverage sheer, so make sure use a good base before apply this pact :)
- somehow i feel really bright/white all day using this pact, looks like doll skin
- i cant recommend this pact who has warm undertones
- Price : Rp. 188.000 (you can use pygmalion disc 10% at Papuros)

Overall : 
I recommend this product, achieve flawless look, bright skin
good staying power and you'll have your smooth silky luminous skin.
consider to reuse this compare to skin 79 compact powder 

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so what are you waiting for, go grab them while it's last.
it's all available (ready stock)

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  1. awww >.< cuteness overload!! so princessy! <3


  2. lagi lagi packingnya....unyuuuu banget >,<


  3. emang menyebalkan packaging unyu dan cute begini hahahhha. bikin hati deg deg ser.

    tapi overall bedaknya oke lho :)

  4. wahh aku sempet pengen beli inii >.<
    tapi ga jadi karena confused, ada kandungan parabennya ga sist?

    follow me back if u mind ^^