12 November 2012

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF 20++ Review

Papuros November Beauty Box item :
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF 20++

Offers a lightweight coverage in a creamy formula with an SPF 20,
texture bit watery, easy to applied and blend with your skin.
it's even out your skin tone, the best part?
Oil control so GOOD, used it for almost 8 hours, still matte
got oily only a bit in my T-area, but tolerable.

sometimes i don't set with powder and still stay reasonably matte.
ohhhh i do love this, definitely restock!! gives you natural finish

let's move on to the swatch and packaging shall we :)

So, what so great about this BB cream?
Super uber duper cute, well design

Affordable, get this from Papuros shop only Rp. 195.000 (40ml)

Lightweight, contains 80% water, easy to applied and Moist.
Formula so smooth and blends seamlessly into my skin and creating
a nice base canvas for make up

Oil Control

Recommend for normal, combination and oily skin,
for those who have a dry skin, it would accentuate a dry patches
try use moisturizer first :)

Since it's came with light shade, those with warmer undertones too bad,
you might want to skip this, it's only comes with two shades :(
and it does not cover all pigmentation and pimples, so concealer it's necessary
you can try this Lioele Mix Concealer 

flawless look, perfect canvas for make up :)

(no minimum transaction)
you can buy Papuros : November Beauty Box separately or complete
Email papuros.shop@gmail.com. BB Pin 26b3ca21

so what are you waiting for, go grab them while it's last.
it's all available (ready stock)

Until next 
Papuros : December Beauty Box



  1. 8 hours and still stay matte? I want this BB Cream!! *ah cc dirimu meracuniku >_<*

    1. Iya sha. Bagai menemukan harta karun terpendam. Muka berasa kenyal dan ga berasa jualan minyak goreng ;9

      Yang bikin seneng 80%nya water. Udah gtu harganya masi masuk akal.


  2. apa? apa? available shades nya cuma 2? tidaaaaak x( padahal aku pengen bgt nyobain!

    1. Iya shadenya cuma 2, sayang sekali ga bisa pakai. Padahal texturenya enak banget.

      Super oil control!!

  3. sering banget liat BB cream ini dipake beauty guru di youtube, kayak ok banget ya, kemasannya juga unik :)

    1. Iya mutiara, produk ini oke banget. Untung nemu deh. Skrg klo pakai bb cream ini. Muka ku seharian ga minyakan parah.

      Kadang2 aja di daerah T, tinggal di kasi bedak dikit udah matte lg

  4. Aku ada BB cream holika aqua ini. Rasanya ga berat kayak BB cream mineral dari Etude.
    Malah ga kayak pake bedak/ BB cream. Berasa ga pake apa2

  5. wah hasilnya cakep sekali ^__^ bakal masuk shopping listku nih :D makasi ce uda direview, salam kenal <3