30 November 2012

Event & Review : Talika Skin Retouch

Have you ever heard Talika product before?
Brand from Paris that famous for their lipocil *eager to try and review
while ago, i was invited by Talika to their Skin Retouch product launch

Skin Retouch stated :
The secret to perfect skin in flash and inpired by photo retouching techniques.
that's mean, we are talking photoshop on the spot, reduces the lines, brightening the skin.
in instant or you can say it, right here right now.
really? too good to be true *as usual cynical me.

but after hearing the presentation and product tested
i was like *JAWWW DROPPP 
are you kidding me, you should launch this product like centuries ago *exaggerated

Amazed how the instant effects, can't hardly wait to try this product.
unfortunately i had break out and been in doctor care for almost 2 months.
although bit late, here's my review after i use it almost 3 weeks.

Tips when you want to use this :
- take your time!
- use it evenly
- do not rub in
- and don't use with liquid foundation, skin touch already replaces it.
- use this before you set your powder on (after daycream, concealer, bbcream/foundie,etc)
- apply your usual skin care on cleaned skin first
- apply from the center of the face outwards

Overall :
- Talika Skin Retouch instantly blur fine lines and wrinkles *yeah, no kidding
- tightens pores, 
- and yes it's also brighten my skin.
- matte finished and reduces shine
- using for daily activities apply it every morning with or without makeup, hassle free.
- if you're looking for a smoother looking skin, here's your answer 
- did i mention it's an immediate solution, the moment you apply it, you'll see it.
- Rp. 485.000/30ml , pricey? i don't think so, this product worth to try!

And once again, thank you Talika invited me to try this product.
hooray for reducing lines and instantly smooth *clap with me ladies
here's the rest of event report :)

Until next post ladies


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