11 November 2012

Event : NYX Sparkling Beauty Workshop

NYX Sparkling Beauty Make-Up Workshop event
was held at lippo mall kemang, last Saturday & Joy Magazine it's their media partner
At first i was hesitated to RSVP this invitation,
i never really like make up workshop, but turn out it was OK.

Philip Kwok, the make up artist from NYX so hilarious,
giving us a lot of tips and trick, teach us from basic,step by step.
NYX even provide us full set of make up brush.

I came with make up, so i need to remove it and
reapply it from primer, foundation, powder and the rest of it.
i'll show you my before and after make up :)

let's roll down

The most complete make up workshop I've ever attended,
step by step from cleansing to full make over.

NYX beauty make over step :

1. After clean your face using cleansing milk, apply primer

2. next is concealer, foundation

3. apply highlighter before you set your make up with loose powder

4. bronzer for contouring and apply Blush On

5. Compact Powder to set all your make up
continue Spray with water mist *to keep your make up last longer

6. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow

12. lipstick + lipgloss

13. Tadaaa.. you're done (almost 1 hour *fiuhhh)

until next event report :)


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