30 November 2012

Event & Review : Talika Skin Retouch

Have you ever heard Talika product before?
Brand from Paris that famous for their lipocil *eager to try and review
while ago, i was invited by Talika to their Skin Retouch product launch

Skin Retouch stated :
The secret to perfect skin in flash and inpired by photo retouching techniques.
that's mean, we are talking photoshop on the spot, reduces the lines, brightening the skin.
in instant or you can say it, right here right now.
really? too good to be true *as usual cynical me.

but after hearing the presentation and product tested
i was like *JAWWW DROPPP 
are you kidding me, you should launch this product like centuries ago *exaggerated

Amazed how the instant effects, can't hardly wait to try this product.
unfortunately i had break out and been in doctor care for almost 2 months.
although bit late, here's my review after i use it almost 3 weeks.

Lens Reviewed : Dolly Eye (Brown & Green)

Hello there :) , bee MIA almost 3 weeks
recently i just got back from my holy trip AKA Japan!! *will post about it later.
today i want to share Dolly Eye lens in Green & Brown
this lens was sponsored by UniqsoLens for my trip to Japan :)

love this lens, super comfy enlarge my eyes.
i did over use this lens, for almost 15hours in a cold and windy weather
and guess what, its still comfortable and didn't dry out my eyes.

let's review this one by one shall we :)

14 November 2012

Oriflame : Ecobeauty Skin Care Review

Rangkaian perawatan dari Oriflame : Ecobeauty
Buat yang belum tahu, Oriflame itu perusahaan kosmetik dari Swedia
yang sudah lama ada di Indonesia, sistem penjualannya pun bukan di pasarkan di toko
tapi secara direct selling melalui agen consultant resmi Oriflame.

Jadi kalau tertarik dengan produk ini, bisa cari agen consultant Oriflame
yang saat ini juga banyak berjualan secara online.

Oriflame : Ecobeauty merupakan satu set skincare yang terdiri dari 
Smoothing Day Cream, Smoothing Night Cream dan Smoothing Eye Cream.
bahan dasarnya dari Coconut Oil Organic dan Shea Butter *love shea butter, melembutkan.

Kenapa Oriflame : Ecobeauty ini menarik untuk dicoba?
Parabean Free!!! *nice , tidak menggunakan wangi sintesis, silikon, minyak mineral
dan bahan-bahan hewani. Jadi tidak heran Oriflame mengusung brand "Ecobeauty"
karna bahan-bahannya natural.

Penasaran dengan tampilan productnya?

13 November 2012

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner Review

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner

I'm a big fan of liner, either gel, pencil or pen.
always success bring a deep dimension to my sleepy eyes :)
here i'm reviewing this etude brush liner, it's a pen type brush liner
to express the variety of thickness.

Nowadays I've been favoring pen tip eyeliner as opposed to my black creamy
gel liner. why's that? because i finding it quicker and more practical to apply and
travel with. I had my Etude jumbo eyeliner but they discontinued it, *too bad
now i'm replacing it with NYX fat marker which is fine.

Sometimes, i just need a thin line, to line my eyes, the practical way to do it
is using pen liner, with Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner which i love now :) 
after using it for more than a weeks. 

Here's my full review and swatch, you're gonna love it

12 November 2012

Lioele Photogenic Mix Concealer Review

Lioele Photogenic Mix Concealer

Do you have dark circles like i do?
due my hectic sleeping schedule, i occasionally wake up in Panda mode >.<
and thanks to that, pimple and acne follow to pop up from nowhere.
well i know, it's a bad habit sleeping around 3 or 4 am, but sometimes
i like how i left out alone, doing my things alone *weird me hah!

so, thanks to Papuros, put this concealer in their November Beauty Box.
i'll have a chance to cover up my panda eyes. 

never used any lioele product before, it's korea brand.
let's take a look at this swatch, review and verdict :)

Holika Holika Luminous Silk Aura Pact SPF 25 Review

Holika Holika Luminous Silk Aura Pact SPF 25

Holika Holika is a Korean brand by Enprani of CJ group which is 
a very established high-end Korean Skincare Brand.

The brand has a unique magical theme and houses over 60 product lines ranging
from skin care to make up. Holika Holika means 'Beauty-HOLIC'. 
It has over 30 outlets in South Korea and its products are also available in Thailand and Singapore. 
Its brand endorsement by boy band CN Blue makes it an instant hit 
among teens and youths in Korea.

Been using it for about a week, doesn't clog pore, flawless finish
good staying power, comes in 2 shades (asian skin tone).
smells so nice, and off course cute packaging as always

curious how this pact looks like?

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF 20++ Review

Papuros November Beauty Box item :
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF 20++

Offers a lightweight coverage in a creamy formula with an SPF 20,
texture bit watery, easy to applied and blend with your skin.
it's even out your skin tone, the best part?
Oil control so GOOD, used it for almost 8 hours, still matte
got oily only a bit in my T-area, but tolerable.

sometimes i don't set with powder and still stay reasonably matte.
ohhhh i do love this, definitely restock!! gives you natural finish

let's move on to the swatch and packaging shall we :)

Papuros : November Beauty Box Review

Papuros Shop : November Beauty Box it's here ladies :)
so, Papuros basically running monthly Beauty Box with special price off course :)
you can buy separately or the whole package with 10% disc by mention Pygmalion

Papuros : November Beauty Box contains :

in case if you don't know, Papuros Shop it's an online shop that established in July 2012,
with their cosmetics major product are from South Korea.
Owner decided to start selling korea cosmetics because she were an exchange student in Korea.
With her make up hobby, she decided to run small online shop selling beauty goods
all from South Korea, and with good responses, her shop continuously growing :)
the furthest place Papuros ever shipped was Papua, Jayapura (fiuhhh really far from Jakarta).

Why it's so cheap? Is it genuine? yes, it's 100% original from South Korea.
since Papuros shop have a partner in South Korea that directly shipped goods from there.
and FYI Papuros based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

enough with introduction, let's move on to review and swatches, shall we :) 

11 November 2012

Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover for Traveling

What is Solusimu?
it's a disposable paper toilet seat cover for your needs,
i love this compact size for traveling, you never know any toilet
that you visit its super hygiene or sterile right?

well actually germs are not for sharing, with this toilet seat cover
we can use public toilet more ease and relax, since we can cover the seat.
comes in handy pack contains 10 sheets for your daily needs.

since my last visit to Guilin, China *horror toilet urghhhhhhhh >,<
(will back with traveling toilet story eeewwwww)
now, toilet seat cover it's my must item for traveling.

how to use this toilet seat cover?

Event : NYX Sparkling Beauty Workshop

NYX Sparkling Beauty Make-Up Workshop event
was held at lippo mall kemang, last Saturday & Joy Magazine it's their media partner
At first i was hesitated to RSVP this invitation,
i never really like make up workshop, but turn out it was OK.

Philip Kwok, the make up artist from NYX so hilarious,
giving us a lot of tips and trick, teach us from basic,step by step.
NYX even provide us full set of make up brush.

I came with make up, so i need to remove it and
reapply it from primer, foundation, powder and the rest of it.
i'll show you my before and after make up :)

let's roll down

09 November 2012

Event : Lux White Collection

Lux, not a cosmetics brand nor body wash,
but it's your lifestyle, your shining and dazzle moment :)
new campaign from Lux, launching 2 range of body wash
White Glamour and White Radiance
from mulberry extracts, honey and micro crystals for fair and smooth skin.

and while ago, i got their invitation 18.00PM , dress code : dazzling white
at Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta. Meet other blogger, have fun,
good food, good life.

and the best part? i won twitter contest on the spot *hooray
got MAP Voucher, also a goodies bag from Lux.

Curious about this event?

Sponsored : Polkadot Nail Water Decals

Always love kkcenterhk nail water decals,
they ship worldwide :)

I really like using nail water decals, it's hassle free, long lasting, easy to apply.
you can check my tutorial how to use this decals :
1. rose water decals
2. skull water decals

let's see more picture of this polkadot water decal

Softlens : EOS Bambi Violet Review

Another post about circle lenses :)
are you a person who wears circle lens as often as i do?
you should consider this EOS Bambi Violet, so comfortable.
and it's really makes a big difference to your eyes.
Normal enlargement 14.8 mm, big enough yet comfortable

thank to  ISZO Circle Lens who sponsored this lenses,
this is my second review on their lens, you can
check my first review here :)
*pssstt they shipping worldwide for FREE :)

let's check full review and swatch shall we?

07 November 2012

Pygmalion Land as Overseas Blogger at MyFatPocket.com

What is myfatpocket anyway?

MyFatPocket.com (MFP) is one of Singapore's leading women portals and 
your guide to everything female. It is your daily read and guide to 
beauty, fashion, gossips, relationships, lifestyle and community.

With over 2 million pageviews and 470,000 unique visitors every month, 
MyFatPocket is daily updated with insightful content, regular giveaways, 
interactive forums and popular blogs.

and proundly present *drumrollllll
pygmalionland.com now officially becomes one of their overseas blogger :)
you can check pygmalionland link here

how's the web look like?let's check shall we?