23 October 2012

TheFaceShop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Review

Black Head, the most irritated skin "enemy" , ruin your whole flawless face.
hurt like hell when you try to clean them. Although my skin type is dry and
has a small pore, still this naughty black head always pop up. *sighh

So, i asked Lovely Pinky, my lovely sponsor to sent me these Black Head Clay Nose Pack,
wait until you finish reading my post, you're gonna love this product!
Cheap, affordable, cute packaging, nice design, the best part?
makes your skin nose area moist and clean!!!

Curious about this product?

It's recommend for oily/combination skin, well it works fine for my dry skin :).
A peel off mask designed for deep cleansing dissolve blackheads, easy to use.
and smells nice.

Enough with the packaging and ingredients :D , let's move on to the review :
1. Prefer this clay to nose strip, easy to apply corner edge of your nose perfectly.
2. Cooling sensation after you put the product on your nose >__<  loveeee
3. easy to peel off, won't irritated your delicate skin

tips : use it at your clean face, use a peeling around your nose
and after that don't forget your fave toner

without flash

with flash

Overall, i'm satisfied with this product, well it's not like magic clean 
like no black head left behind, but works better than nose strip *hurtful

So, where to get 
TheFaceShop New Zealand Volcanic Clay?
you can order this product for (Rp. 40.000) CHEAPP
50gr, approx use up to 10 times 

Good News!!
 disc 5% by mention PygmalionLand
at Lovely Pinky (minimal purchased Rp.100.000)



  1. wah beneran berkurang ya blackheadnyaaa xD
    ga sakit ya ce pas dilepas?

  2. Iya berkurang, yg bikin mantap copotinnya ga pakai cucuran air mata kaya pakai nose strips :D

    Murah tralala lg, 40rebu bisa buat 10x pakai. Isinya 50gr

  3. Waaa bersih banget.. mana murah lagi. thank u for sharinggg

  4. wow, alternatif kalo ntar Daiso Charcoal Mask udah habis, thanks dah review :)

  5. waaah jadi pengen beli >.<
    murmer banget iniii

    thanks for review yaa~~

    mels at pandapavillon.blogspot.com

  6. dang the price! it's really cheap!!! I'd love to try this, thanks for the review :D

  7. Aaaaa makasi banyak lho reviewnyaaa, jadi kepingin beliiiii XD XD

  8. Wanna try this one, cheap but worthable <3


  9. Replies
    1. So far pakainya sampe jidat pipi ga masalah. Asal hindari area sekitar mata aja.