31 October 2012

Softlens : Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones Gray Review

Big fans of circle lens? consider this Bueberry Lumie 3 Tones Grey.
Made in Korea, with base curve 8.6mm and diameter 16mm,
really pop out your eyes for dolly looks.

if you have sensitive dry eyes, this lens contains water 55%
with lens life span 3-6months for hygiene purposed :)
you can get this lens from ISZO Cirle Lens for 22USD

let's take a closer look , shall we :)

Design :
love the design, bit dolly when you wear it, really pop out your eyes

Color :
well its not my natural color, but i really like this 3 tones color,

Enlargement :
top notch, with 16mm, sure does you'll have a big round eyes

Comfort :
ove it, really comfort, wearing this for almost 8-9 hours without any solution.
and for such a big lens i don't feel them at all :)

You can get this circle lens from ISZO Cirle Lens
Valid from today till 31-12-2013
Not valid on Discounted / Value Pack item, or the order will be denied.


Until next review :)



  1. bagus ce~ keliatan natural menurutku tapi matanya jadi keliatan menonjol~ btw if you don't mind please read my post about xmas swap (indonesia only) at my blog and feel free to comment ^^ http://missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com/2012/10/ask-christmas-swap-for-indonesia-area.html
    Thank you~

  2. nice circle lens ^^ thanks for review ! btw i love you blog <3

  3. bagus ce lensnya, casenya jg bagus.. tp ga kliatan ky gray tp biru gt.. :D

  4. These are cute cases! o:

    The color of the lenses also turns up really nicely~ >u<

  5. Hi ce, cuman mau info kalau pendaftaran untuk xmas swap udah dibuka~ cuman sampai tgl 7 aja daftarnya..kalau cc berminat ikutan bisa cek disini: http://goo.gl/Cf5W6
    Thank you~