02 October 2012

Event : Nature Republic Grand Opening

Last Friday, Nature Republic invited me to attend their Grand Opening at Matahari, Supermall Karawaci,
Jakarta - Indonesia. Event start at 10.30 AM with high enthusiastic beauty blogger there.
Nature Republic are one of the Korea cosmetics that lately invaded Indonesia, stand out with cute packaging, natural ingredients and I'm pleased with their price range, affordable.

I need to warned you about this event report!
you really need to secure your wallet either your credit card, seriously! be careful!
why's that? let's check this is out

Nature Republic Product Concept :
MD Water (Miracle of Medication Water), is especially formulated "water",
which is mixture of various precious natural ingredients and extraordinary clean water
from all over the world. Develop using NPD ( Nano-Phospholipids Drug Delivery) Technology.
Sounds so greeny and earthy right? with their tagline "A sense of the beginning" they tried
to provide green nature beauty skin care and make up. :)

Well, enough with the introduction, let's check their eye shadow collection,
so pigmented and shimmery with natural color to choose or bling-bling :)

Then, let's move to handcream, 
it's moist and won't leave a sticky residue.

You see, why i warned you earlier? even the blogger got rampage and crazy swatching there.
all of us were to fascinated about their product. The best part, it's cheaper that other cosmetics brand,
or you can say it Affordable. their lip-gloss only cost your Rp.50.000, hand cream below Rp.100.000,
BB cream Rp.200.000-Rp.300.000.

Back to product preview again, this time : Nature Republic BB Cream 


fiuhhh what a long post.. we are far from finish, now lets check lip product

And for the last product preview (skin care, blush on, etc)

 well, not the real person, it's just a poster :)

and last but not least, the goodies bag.
I got mine from Cosmpololitan magazine last issued already :)
so i gave it to my sister.

Thank you Nature Republic for hosting this event,
meeting fellow blogger and playing with your product such a day

until next event report :)



  1. OMG ce.. itu kok murah banget aloe nya? jd penasaran kan aku skrg.. huaa...
    counterny d TA ud buka blom sih ce? >.<

    1. Hahhaha murah ya. Td pikir harganya bakal 100rebuan.

      Kemaren di ta mereka cuma ikut bazaar, tp katanya sih akan nyusul segera buka.

      Secara di karawaci jauh banget, dan mwreka ga ada online shop lg

  2. huah ce semua fotomu menggoda~~ semoga cepat buka cabang di surabaya juga >_<

    1. eh sebelum ada di mall, aku sering beli loh di www.bestbuy-world.com
      harganya sama ama di mall kadang mereka ada diskonan juga

  3. iya menggoda sekali, aku aja tergoda banget disana. tapi menahan diri, soalnya haul bulan ini sudah berlebihan *melirik kartu kredit dengan pasrah.

    di jakarta baru satu cabang, mudah2an ya segera buka disana.

  4. bandung juga blom ada :( bikin ngiler semua foto2nya heheee semoga Bandung cepet buka ya ^_^


    1. Mudah2an segera buka disana ya, bisa nyoba2 productnya.

      Hati2 dengan isi dompet >°°<

  5. ce,, kamu sukses meracuniku -____-
    *tenggak aloe vera*
    so temptiiiiiiiiing !!!!!

    ce Shasha : ini udah ada di matahari TP surabaya ceee D:

    1. Hahhaha aku emang hobi meracuni orang. Makin senang kalau banyak yang kena racunnya ;9

      Wowwww surabaya dah ada ya

  6. kyaaa enak banget udah ada nature republic di JKT ><
    kalo aku di situ pasti kalap haha.
    thanks buat swatch-nya :)


    1. Raisa emang kamu dimana lokasinya? Kalau dah buka dekat rumah ku, titip beli aja.

      Kalau di karawaci sih ampun deh. Jauh banget

  7. iy karawaci jauh banget, aku ga bs k sana :(

    smoga sgra buka d TA.. hahah..

    ce, btw aku tag cece d sini:

    dilihat yaaa :p

    1. Iyaaa dah liat, tp link nama ku ga bisa diklik ;9

      Tar mau ngepost jg tag ini pas weekend. Makasi ya dah di tag :)

  8. ketinggalan event ini T^T
    pdahal dket kesananyaa..
    itu brang" bkin ngiler dehh x_x


    1. Yah sayang sekali, kalau ga kan kita bisa ketemu ;9

  9. halo, salam kenal ya..

    mo nanya info dunk...
    ada yang tau kah, selain di lippo karawaci, apakah nature republic udah buka store lainnya..?? dimana ya..?? tks

  10. Nature republic di TP surabaya sudah gak ada. Pindah kemana ya? Any one knows?
    Selain di TP ada dimana lg?

  11. Kak ada cabang baru lagi gak selain di karawaci? Kejauhan dri rumahku nih