03 September 2012

Tutorial : Green China Doll Make Up

Inspired by Bourjois eyeshadow palette, a combination with white and green.
really pop out your eyes and looks fresh. easy peasy tutorial,
takes about 15minutes to create this look. wearable and don't need any falshes here,
to obtain sleek and plain china doll look.

Lets start with your clean face/bare face, i'll post my bare face here.
no concealer, no foundation, even moisturizer. none! zero.
so pardon my sleepy face here :)

After that, apply your favorite toner, moisturizer, concealer, highlighter etc as your base.
here i'm using :
- foundation : bodyshop
- toner : faceshop the smim toner 101.0
- moiturizer : cetaphil
- loose powder : yves rocher
- brow : etude my brow (love this product, recommend)
- lipbalm : Boots
- eye primer : sephora

then let's move on to eyeshadow
1. apply the green color below to pop out your eyes

2. apply the second color above your lid and to your brow bone, put on your favorite liner
and off course add a wing on it for drama.

3. what i use here? Perfect Harmony Shadow & Countour from Bourjois #16 Crazy Baby
- love this pigmented shadow
- staying power ok, wear this almost 5 hours and stay put
- bit fall off tough, so you have to tap it
- travel size, which i love
- pretty packaging, comes with "mirror" and applicator

4. and this is the final look, hope you guys like it, adding highlight, contouring and blush on :D

5. Put on my lancome fever matter lipstick #155, since i'll keep it sleek and clean make up
so i don't put false lashes and lenses for drama. i don't even wear any mascara.



  1. cakep ce, beneran kliatan lebi fresh krn warna ijonya :D

  2. Wooww keren ya eyeshadow bourjois ini padahal cuma pake 2 warna gak ribet :O
    Cocok juga di wajah kamu, tdnya sleepy face langsung segeerrr banget :D

  3. @rini : fresh banget ya ijonya, kalau dilihat aslinya lebih bright lho.

    @agnes : hahha lgsg ketolong deh "sleepy" face nya, muka abis bangun.
    kalau buat make up buru2, oke nih.

  4. eyeshadow warna hijaunya cakep y...suka bngt sama make up nya...so pretty..:)

  5. cc suka deh warna ijo nya...segggeerrr

    salam kenal ya cc


  6. packagingnya cute banget yaa >.<