18 September 2012

Event : Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories

Another late post event :( , i thought i lost my memory card contains this event file *thanks God.
So, I was invited by Cleo Magazine to attend Paris Hilton new collection launching
at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Basically it's just press release and announcement.

Nothing much to report, no swatch, no review :D
merely just report event, good foods, ambiance nice but the show start late *as always!
let's do a quick tour on this event , shall we?

did you spot donna agnesia? so pretty!!

look at the crowd

the PR of Paris Hilton Bag

some of their collection, i'm not a big fan of their collection. I prefer vintage or retro design

Check out their cute Food

my OOTD, vintage dress



  1. foto donna nya paparazi banget ci. hehe :) beli engga tasnya ? mahal engga ci ?

    1. Hahahha cita-cita jadi paparazi. Nga beli sha, ga suka modelnya, mirip2 guess. Harganya juga hampir sama kaya guess.

  2. O Gosh, so much smiley faces, i didn`t buy paris bags yet for my gf, but after audio released of paris hilton calls gay men disgusting source: carbonated entertainment news tv , i would not going to buy anything tagged with Paris hilton name.

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