21 September 2012

Beauty Tricks : 3 in 1 Lip Liner

do you often using lip liner ?
using  lip liner  gives you a precise line for creating a sexy fuller lip,
and it's also can makes your lips appear smaller. last but not least
keeps lipstick from bleeding out.

today i'm gonna share, how I maximize lip liner function,
a new trick for me to minimize my beauty case size for traveling.
I use lip liner as : eye liner, lipstick and blush on!

how did I pull that out? let's check it out :
First pick your favorite lip liner, to create this look, pick a creamy lip liner since
you're gonna blend them. I choose Kohl Kajal Jordana Lip Liner because :
- it's creamy
- long lasting wear this for almost 6 hours, no need to reapply
- water proof
- smudge proof
- pigmented
- smells ok
- matte finish, just add gloss for glamorous finish
- weigh 1.3 gram, bigger than usual lip liner :)
- Cheap : only Rp. 25.000 (you can order this at ZaturaShop)

Jordana lip liner review

Jordana lip liner swatches , 
as you can see from the smudge proof and water proof picture,
i tried to rub it as hard as i could, and wash it through running water. 

Matte finish, just apply gloss for glamorous glossy lips

Back to my beauty tricks :)
I love to travel, since i'm a light traveler, i don't like bringing a lot of things.
but i need to travel in style, agree ladies?

So i came up with this idea, carry less make up product 
and always pose like a star when i need to camwhoring everywhere :D
Here's my trick, you can use your lipliner as :

1. eyeliner

2. Blush On
tips : spray a water mist to blend your blush on, way more easy

3. Lip liner

Final Look 
what do you think? easy peasy?
if you try this, link me your photo. I'd like to see it

So, I decided to upgrade this look with :
1. softlense : Exoticon X2 Fame
2. eyelashes : Hongkong Pack
3. black eyeliner : Etude Jumbo Eye Pencil 
4. blue eyeliner as a highlight point in a corner of my eye : Borjuis Clubbing in Turquoise 

super love this lenses, really pop out your eyes, create dolly look
makes your eyes appear bigger, and super comfy for 8hours use

*sighhhh can you find my lower lashes???? >.< , did you find it? No?
it's because i barely have any.

Thank you ZaturaShop for your cute Jordana lipliner
did i mention it's only cost you Rp. 25.000? Cheap cheap

Again, thank you for visiting my blog, hope my post inspired you


  1. waa baru tau bisa dipake utk blush on :O tp kalo yg pensilnya keras kayaknya ga bs ya ci x_x

  2. iya, biar ga ngerusak muka dan mata, pilih yang creamy texturenya.

    jangan dipaksa pakai yang texture keras.

  3. cantik cici ^^
    aku beli jug ini di zatura ^^

    1. Makasi :)

      Udah dikirim dr zatura? Suka kamu lip linernya?

      Long lasting lho warnanya :)

  4. ci, yg dipake di pipi di blend pake brush apa yak? hehe ..

    belum punya lip liner nih .. masih milih2 XD


    1. Aku blendnya cuma pakai tangan *cuci bersih dlu ya :)

      Biar gampang agak basahin tangan dikiiiiiiiitt aja pakai toner atau face mist. Blendingnya jadi natural banget.

      Lip liner jordana bagus kok, selain murah ga bikin bibir kerinf :)

  5. wow, pencerahan banget nih tips n trick nya, after all this time i always under estimate the use of lip liner.. thanks! :)))


  6. hi Pygmalion, i'm your followers from bali :)
    I really glad if u follow me back :p >,<

    kalo di pake di pipi aman ga ? takutnya jadi jerawat >,<

  7. Georgeous Pygmalion. suka banget ama warna eyeliner birunya.