21 September 2012

Beauty Tricks : 3 in 1 Lip Liner

do you often using lip liner ?
using  lip liner  gives you a precise line for creating a sexy fuller lip,
and it's also can makes your lips appear smaller. last but not least
keeps lipstick from bleeding out.

today i'm gonna share, how I maximize lip liner function,
a new trick for me to minimize my beauty case size for traveling.
I use lip liner as : eye liner, lipstick and blush on!

how did I pull that out? let's check it out :

20 September 2012

ShangPree Crystal BBcream

Pertama kali denger brand ini, langsung berpikir kosmetik dari Shanghai, China kali ya :) ,
ternyata ShangPree adalah kosmetik dari Korea yang mulai mencuri hati para penggemar make up.
yang belum baca review Saya sebelumnya tentang ShangPree cleansing oil *super recommend
silahkan baca di sini :)

ShangPree : Anti-wrinkle, whitening dan skincover.
untuk anti wrinkle dan whiteningnya masih butuh proses lama untuk melihat hasilnya,
sedangkan untuk skincovernya menurut saya bagus coveragenya, hanya perlu sedikit
dan cukup ditutupi bedak tabur atau compact, skin tone yang belang belang khususnya
di daerah hidung, mulut, mata dan dahi di coverage dengan baik.

biar ga penasaran, yuk dilihat swatchnya dari dekat 

19 September 2012

Event : Hada Labo Launching

I bet you read a ton of Hada Labo event report everywhere *Indonesia only :D
So, invitation came from IBB via lovely Ms. Mada Foe, to attend Hada Labo Launching
at Poke Sushi, Crown Plaza Hotel, Jakarta 18.00PM. dress code : blue and white.
Managed came on time with epic rush hour.

I did attend two event that day, gonna review soon. you're gonna love it! superb product
I met Shella and Marsha there then we reunite again at Hada Labo launching.

Event start at 19.00 PM, check my full report

18 September 2012

Event : Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories

Another late post event :( , i thought i lost my memory card contains this event file *thanks God.
So, I was invited by Cleo Magazine to attend Paris Hilton new collection launching
at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Basically it's just press release and announcement.

Nothing much to report, no swatch, no review :D
merely just report event, good foods, ambiance nice but the show start late *as always!
let's do a quick tour on this event , shall we?

17 September 2012

Event : YSL Forever Youth Liberator

late post about my YSL event : Forever Youth Liberator
event was held at Grand Hyat hotel, due to stupid traffic jam
I came late :( , and I skip free facial session. However i still got my photo session :)

I tried a  lot of their product, and what got my attention
was their YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch, definitely recommend product.
Eyeshadow pigmented with good staying power, and i also love
YSL Forever Youth Liberator serum, easily absorb and gives you an instant moist.

Care to look at their event and few swatches?

16 September 2012

Power of Make Up from Chinese Blogger : Part II

One of my favorite beauty blogger, total transformation with step by step tutorial,
photo high resolution and dramatic make over with softlenses, drama lashes
and super duper cute pose.

if you happen read my first post of her make up transformation,
then you'll gonna super love this too.

ShangPree Cleansing Oil

Senang bermake up sah sah saja ya buat mengoreksi bentuk muka
dan menonjolkan kecantikan kita. Tapi setelah memakai make up tentu saja
harus dibersihkan setiap harinya biar pori-pori tidak tersumbat dan radang.

Maunya cepet, tidak ribet dan hasilnya bersih trus moist gimana dong? abis sibuk sih.
ShangPree salah satu merk kosmetik dari Korea yang mulai menginvasi Indonesia,
menawarkan produk pembersihnya Olive Virgin Cleansing Oil nih buat kita.

Olive Oil? malas deh, pasti ntar muka nya berminyak-minyak. Tapi setelah mencoba
membersihkan HEAVY MAKE UP menggunakan produk ini, Saya sendiri langsung
 jatuh cinta lho. Seperti apa sih cleansing oilnya?

14 September 2012

Hong Kong : Shopping Paradise

Destinasi favorit bagi pelancong Indonesia, termasuk salah satunya Saya sendiri. :D
selain makanan yang enak, fashion yang up to date, tempat wisata yang menarik,
apa yang membuat Saya kembali kesana berkali-kali? tidak lain tidak bukan
adalah drugstore atau make up storenya yang bertebaran dimana-mana.

Dalam satu daerah saja, dalam jarak beberapa meter yang terlihat cuma drugstore
atau make up store seperti Sasa, Bonjour, Watson. Apa yang menarik disana?
toh sama saja belanja make up dimana-mana.

Revlon Lipstick : Color Burst Crimson no.095

Another lipstick review from Revlon
from Color Burst line : Crimson No.095 - Satin Finish
Creamy, richly pigmented, full coverage opaque color.
Staying power : for almost 4 hours and slowly fade away.
Gives a fuller appearance for dramatic sexy look :D

It's a must try ladies, and it's affordable.
check out the swatch :)

11 September 2012

Taipei : Leopard Garden Apartment

This is my old post from my travel blog, decided to move bit by bit.
and i really want to share with you guys, this unique apartment.
while i was there, i stayed at this unique apartment,
owned by Cindy Hsu, a lovely land lady and communicate well in english.
She is interior designer, and the whole apartment designed by her
in a really unique way.

    front door

     the garden in front of main door

Thefaceshop : Aqua Proof Marker Tint

Spidol? buat bibir? itu juga sih yang jadi pertanyaan ketika disodorkan
thefaceshop Aqua Proof Marker Tint. Selama ini aplikator bibir yang
saya pakai paling berbentuk standar dan umum. Sedangkan ini, replika dari bentuk spidol.

Setelah dicoba, ternyata rekomen lho. penasaran?

03 September 2012

Revlon Lipstick : Mulled Wine no.650

one of my favorite lipstick, Revlon.
offering lots of color to choose, average staying power
and ohhhh.. it's moist, moist, moist. best part?? AFFORDABLE!

Tutorial : Green China Doll Make Up

Inspired by Bourjois eyeshadow palette, a combination with white and green.
really pop out your eyes and looks fresh. easy peasy tutorial,
takes about 15minutes to create this look. wearable and don't need any falshes here,
to obtain sleek and plain china doll look.

Monolid Make Over

Recent project make up : Mono-lid
she has a acne break out along with her oily complexion,
used some Korea, Indonesia & USA make up.

trimmed brow, contouring, highlighting and focusing dark shadow
on her crease to create a depth. done this make up around 15minutes.
wearable for daily activities (office, school, campus, hanghout)