29 August 2012

Thefaceshop : Smim Toner 101.0 Review

Skincare from Thefaceshop, it's a cosmetics brand from Korea.
The Smim Varian, from Toner, Emulsion, Serum, etc
and here's I'm gonna review the Smim Toner 101.0

For deep moisture, for all skincare type
it's a naturally fermented complex that is deeply absorbed by the skin.

I got this toner from my new sponsor Lovely Pinky, she sell varian brand cosmetics from Korea.
while ago i had breakout, my skin so dull and dry. and my skinfood : peach sake toner won't do any help.
so i decided to try this toner, after do a little research.

Description (from the website)
  • Replenishes skin’s moisture (Rich in Amino acids)
  • Gets rid of free oxygen radicals
  • Has an anti-aging effect: contains Hyarulonic acid
  • A highly enriched, essence-like lifting toner whose natural fermentation energy densifies the structure of the skin

Won Bin >.< , their ambassador, look at his skin
check his TV commercial Ad, 

What i love about this toner it's their 5 FREE :
- no parabean
- no fragrance, i don't like skin care that reek of perfume. :(
- no animal ingredient
- no artifiicial coloring (check photo below)
- no benzophenone

So here's what i thought after i use it for almost 2 weeks :
1. Dry skin (which is mine)
- easily absorbed
- feel fresh and plumped
- well moist complexion
- i feel clean :)
- since i have a really dry skin, it help a bit. i'll report it back after 2 months usage.
- i try use this for a base before applied BBcream as an experiment, and turn out
   my BB cream last longer, almost 8 hours.

2. Oily skin (my husband *yes, he is my guinea pig for oily skin)
- easily absorbed
- fresh and plumped
- really moist his face
- better oil control, less oily for his daily activities
- brightening his face a bit, and his blackhead seems reducing *nice

tips : tap lightly for full absorption and fell your skin fresh and plumped
- pricey but worth penny, counter price : IDR 479.000
buy it from Lovely Pinky for discount price, it's only cost you IDR 185.000

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  1. oh that is nice! i love the 5 free definitely! and the swatch: the toner seems to absorb fast into the skin. NICE! oh and I love your nails!

    nice review :)

  2. i love skincare with no fragrance :D i might try this one


  3. @rosdiana : i use etude juicy cocktail gradation nail, you can check my review in older post :D , my favorite

    @monica : you should try this, so moist and plumped. buy it from lovely pinky shops, cheaper :D

  4. Hai Ci..

    Gimana setelah 2 bulan?
    Dulu pernah coba emulsion n toner the smim yang warna ijo, dan cocok, beda sama yang versi coklat ini apa ya?