11 August 2012

Tattoo or Taboo?

last sunday, one of my dearest friend asked me:
"mei, temenin gua nato yuk di mulie"
why not, a rare event and i can watch the whole process from sketch to final form.

the whole process it's about 5 hours, is it painful? is it hurt?
well.. since i'm not the one who got tortured by few types of needles,
i'll just say "maybe"

I don't like write a story,I love telling story by picture and adding a little caption on it,
so here we go, step by step how this cool tatto nicely done
by thinking tree, mulie addlecoat.

1. preparations (make sure all your equipment set complete, sterilized and hygiene)

2. pick your design and stencil it as an outline

3. clean and shave your tattoo area 
(again, hygiene : by a disposal shaver)

4. applying deodorant to stick stencil sketch

5. start with the outline (there's no turning back)

7. outline done

8. now shading

9. continue with coloring the kimono

10. the red kimono half done

11. 4 hours pasts

12. finishing sakura, adding blue tone and highlights

13. voila!! here the final tattoo.

note :
the tattoo design it's copyright to thinking tree, do not use without any permission


  1. Halo halo, midnight blogwalking :D
    Cuma mau bilang aku follower baru, dan itu tato-nya lucu banget aduhai..

    It's too cute, I can't believe it's real tattoo.. x3

  2. actually I looooove tattoos! sayangnya di agama ku ga diperbolehkan permanent tattoos. so I opted for temporary tattoos ^^ tapi sayangnya krna aku right-handed jd cuma bs bikin di tangan kiri :( but the good thing of having temporary tattoos is I can erase and make a new one anytime I want :p but still, permanent tattoos are waaaaay more cool. and salute to your friend who's brave enough to do it. was it done in 1 visit? aku pernah baca d forum katanya ada yg beberapa kali visit baru finished gt. mgkin itu buat more complicated designs ya?

    1. Yes it was done 1 visits. Karna ukurannya kecil dan gambarnya ga complicated.

      Ada satu temanku nato 2 tahun ga selesai-selesai. Selain krn dia harus bolak balik singapore- jakarta. Ukuran tatonya itu sepunggung