20 August 2012

Ou Pe Ai versus O.P.I

Hi there :) , wanna share "look a like" OPI that I found yesterday, I'll use my Nicky Minaj mini collection to compare with this "look a like" OPI. I bought it for IDR 12.000, way too cheap compare to the real one. For regular OPI nail polish cost you around IDR 180.000, do the count. Basically they just copied the original and changed the design/typo a bit, so it won't get sued in court. Due to trademark branding Ou Pe Ai versus O.P.I I don't know if you can call them fake or dupe.

What do you think? will you consider to buy it?
before you do, just wanna share you this "based on true story" unbrand nail polish incident that happened to my sister :( ,so while ago, my sister bought this unbrand or unknown nail polish from gift store that sell a lot of cheap nail polish start from IDR 5.000 (0.5USD) , she used it on her toe, very pigmented color and vibrant, everybody happy until she felt that her toe went wrong and start abscessed (eewwww).

Then, she went to nail store / nail treatment salon to treat her toe, the BA said that it was from nail polish that she used soak through and cause abscessed, it might happen due to expiry date or fatal chemical ingridients. From that incident we learn that : don't play with unidentified ingredients. 

Oh and btw for her treatment, she had to pay IDR 1.500.000 (USD 150), what a pain in the ass wasting money on something like that. for next reference just use trust worthy product that you love, value for money and stay healthy pretty with your nail :)



  1. Ou Pe aI..
    From all the fake product and wannabe attempt.. Gosh!!! this is hillarious!
    So sorry about your sister nail.. i just can't imagne abcessed nail.. >__<

  2. hahaha you can call it either creative or funny.