26 August 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

As a lip balm fiend, currently Maybelline Baby Lips is my best friend.
It claimed with 8 hour hydration, formulated with Centella Essence and SPF 20.
use it for 4 weeks in a row to see the final result for plump & smooth lips.

four variant from baby lips range, and I pick anti oxidant berry,
bought this around 12HKD (Rp. 12.000) back in november 2011,
before recently become a hit in Indonesia and goes crazy.

Overall :
- 8 hour hydrate? in my case, no it's not.
   i need to reapplied it few times a day, but it does hydrate reasonably
- Cheap
- instant smooth and moist looks
- flavor really nice
- doesn't give you a heavy sticky feeling
- too bad i cant use this for winter season (-15degree), not moist enough for me
  i prefer burts bee

tips : you can use this baby lips as a base before using your lipstick :)



  1. It's like an HG lipbalm for everyone here recently :-D me luvs it too, but yeah... it doesn't work well on winter days ;-)

  2. wah yg dijual di HK juga sama ya packaging nya kayak yg dijual di indo ^^
    it's my recent HG as well, cie :D
    nice review ^^

  3. @DocCii N Sista : which lipbalm did you use for winter? seeking desperately for my november trip to japan.

    @XiaoVee : iya packagingnya sama persis kaya yg di indo, kalau yang australia sama US baru beda. di Indo harganya berapa ya?

  4. I used Nivea since late fall then continued with Clinique Superbalm when it's getting dryer. To make my lips less flakier, I do gentle scrubbing on my lips every single night on winter days. Hehehe. That works for me.

    Btw, in jakarta... it's around IDR 29.000 / piece for this product. My sister just bought 5 of them 3 days ago :-D

  5. Have you try lucas papaw ointment? I heard that is good for winter.