26 August 2012

Lancome Color Fever Matte #151

Craving for red bright lipstick?
Try Lancome Color Fever Matte #151 from their 2009 Fall Collection
A richly pigmented as well as matte in order to maximize the color impact.

I love this lipstick texture : smooth and nourishing and it's also has a good staying power
wear it about 5 hours and still look good. Glide on easily and doesn't  make my lips
look or feel dry.

151 Red Avant-Garde
 Its my most vivid and bright lipstick, can't wear it to office nor teaching, i'll look like
a crazy vintage pin up girl with my strong black liner. Prefer wear this to party or hangout with my friends :D.
Tips : apply with lip liner first and achieve a softer edge and sensual look.

Overall :
- got jojoba oil in it (makes the lips feel moist & fuller)
- matte finish for natural looking
- long wearing with no discoloring
- highly pigmented
- nice packaging (glossy and classic)
- bit pricey but worth it

what is your most favorite red lipstick? share with us here :)



  1. wow...merah membara...
    *aku ga pede pake lipstik merah* :D

  2. ce meai..warnanya keren bangett..cocok di dirimu *kalau aku ga pede pakai2 warna terang :(*

  3. The red looks so COOL! but how come it look glossy instead of matte? I thought it is a matte lipstick?

  4. waww,merahnya bagus,packagingnya eksklusiv >.<

  5. @awa : di coba aja dulu :)

    @sha : mumpung masih muda dan berbahaya sha, cobaiin semua warna. bayangin tar dah nenek-nenek baru pakai lipstick terang benderang. :D

    @rosdiana : i put lipbalm before i applied those lipstick