20 August 2012

Giveaway : August 2012 Mirror Contest

5th Giveaway - Not open Internationally
There will be 4 winners :
a. 2 based on most creative
b. 2 based on most like

upload your most funny, creative, cool Photo in HERE

you'll stand a chance to win this cute giveaway, a cute Daiso product that my cousins sent me, she is generous enough packed me 3 sets, so I decided to give 2 sets away.

Ordinary contests like put a banner in your blog to add point might bored you,
so I decided to make a funny little contest here,
since we all love beauty and pain *upsss , make up and skincare, we really need a few tools.
says:  make up brush, cleanser, pad, etc. But the most essential part its a mirror!!

there's even a No Mirror Make Up Challenge done by several youtube beauty guru and
it's fun to watch this challenge when they ridiculously draw funny brow or
put on uneven eyeshadow, FACT : you do need Mirror as your Beauty Major Weapon.
*I might try this no mirror make up challenge, once i fix my break out.

So, here's the deal,
take a picture together with your mirror and
comment why you need to replace your mirror  :) , so simple.

I'll pick the winner based on :
1. THE MOST CREATIVE PHOTO ----> stand a chance to win Standing Mirror
2. THE MOST LIKED PHOTO -----> stand a second chance to win DIY Wood Rack

so, Upload HERE and Share with your friends to get LIKED

Contests Ends : September 20th 2012


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