26 August 2012

Exoticon : Hazel A+ Soft Lens

It's a disposable soft lens with one year life span, comes in four shades :
Grey, Hazel, Violet and Skyblue. I'm wearing Hazel here.
quite cheap compared with Geo softlens. 14.5mm enlarge your eyes enough.
I can't stand lens bigger than 14.5mm, makes me look like an alien
and i do feel uncomfortable.

Lens Specification :
BC : 8,6
Dia : 14,5mm
Water content : 55%
made in : UK
using Terpolymer 45%

Overall :
- comfortable with 8 hours use without any solution *nice
- natural look
- toleran enlargement (subtle enlargement but still make any difference)
- cheap , it's only cost you Rp. 65.000 
- thin and flexible enough to stick in my eye

Tips : 
don't use your new lens without clean it out first, you need to clean and soak them with solution
for 24 hours or it will irritated your eyes.



  1. bagus ya :P jadi pengen beli :p


  2. iya coba aja, harganya juga bersahabat. bisa coba juga warna hijau atau biru nya.

  3. ce, share juga dong makeup matanya pake apa aja, itu bagus banget hasilnyaaa
    *mupeng nyobain* ><

  4. Aku juga suka sama a+ lucuuu.. N lebih nyaman dipakenya dibanding x2..

  5. Kebiasaan pake super yogurt yang gak harus rendem lama -.- ternyata harus 24 jam toh :| pantes perih