26 August 2012

Crazy Dim Sum Experience at Hong Kong

I love Dim Sum, so every time I visit Hong Kong,
I definitely arrange time and enjoy Hong Kong morning snack (Dim Sum).

How hard it can be, eating Dim Sum at Hong Kong Restaurant?
You sit, order, eat, pay and say bye-bye. Well... yeah if you can read chinese character
and speak cantonese fluently.

Even tough Hong Kong became a colony of British Empire after the first opium war (1839-1942)
surprisingly not all of them fluently speaking in english, especially their old generation.
So this is how my story began * exaggeratedly LOL

Its not easy ordering food at local restaurant, since its not a tourist area unlike causeway bay,
a multicultural area for tourist to blend in and you can order your caramel coffee jelly easily
at Starbucks.

I'll show you why : all their menu written in Chinese Character
Bahasa Indonesia it's my primary language, came along English (* although occasionally makes mistakes on grammar). I speak Hakka and Tio Ciu (Chinese dialect) , Mandarin & Japan? only a bit listening and writing.
so its killing me reading all this menu

you can't find any single of Latin alphabet, really frustrating me

so? why bother eat at a place that you can't even read?
as a traveler, i tend to try on local food for every country that i visited,
i just love Local Food, Local Experience, Local Neighborhood.
harder to get, tastier it taste . don't you agree? 

And i gave up, desperately seeking help from my auntie, she is local, been worked, married and stayed 
there for almost 25 years. while my husband gave up earlier than me *instead of reading the menu,
he read mobile phone brochure. LOL

Tips for ordering local food in Hong Kong :
1. learn how to speak in Cantonese a bit (like : excuse me, thank you, i'm sorry)
2. using smartphone for translator if you can't wrote in mandarin
3. be patient and smile if they deliver your food in harsh way, they didn't mean it, 
    its just how they live and speak in Hong Kong.
4. use calculator if you can't spell number for your bill *works for me
5. Cantonese and mandarin are different, even tough they can speak/hear in mandarin
    they prefer do it in Cantonese.
6. for spicy food lover, there won't be any "sambal" / sauce, only onion and chili.
7. halal? you need to confirm with them first. Its hard to find halal food in HongKong.
   I only know one place in causeway bay near victoria park *gonna blog about it.

Hope it'll help :)
and here's the food we ate from my previous visit, worth the price, yummy, tasty and CHEAP!!!
compared with Jakarta Dim Sum restaurant, Hong Kong definitely the best!


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