30 August 2012

Zatura 10% discount on pre order cosmetics

Senang belanja kosmetik? tapi harus menahan diri karena harganya yang mahal?
Zatura Shop, salah satu online shop yang menjual kosmetik hadir di Indonesia.
varian kosmetik yang mereka jual berasal dari Korea dan Amerika,
sistem penjualan mereka dibedakan READY STOCK & PRE-ORDER

Zatura Shop mengadakan promo diskon 10% hingga tanggal 5 September 2012

Thefaceshop Nail Polish

For nail polish lover, you might like this combination.
metallic blue + glitter salem/pink combo, it's a nail polish from the faceshop

do you like it? keep reading :)

29 August 2012

Thefaceshop : Smim Toner 101.0 Review

Skincare from Thefaceshop, it's a cosmetics brand from Korea.
The Smim Varian, from Toner, Emulsion, Serum, etc
and here's I'm gonna review the Smim Toner 101.0

For deep moisture, for all skincare type
it's a naturally fermented complex that is deeply absorbed by the skin.

26 August 2012

Crazy Dim Sum Experience at Hong Kong

I love Dim Sum, so every time I visit Hong Kong,
I definitely arrange time and enjoy Hong Kong morning snack (Dim Sum).

How hard it can be, eating Dim Sum at Hong Kong Restaurant?
You sit, order, eat, pay and say bye-bye. Well... yeah if you can read chinese character
and speak cantonese fluently.

Exoticon : Hazel A+ Soft Lens

It's a disposable soft lens with one year life span, comes in four shades :
Grey, Hazel, Violet and Skyblue. I'm wearing Hazel here.
quite cheap compared with Geo softlens. 14.5mm enlarge your eyes enough.
I can't stand lens bigger than 14.5mm, makes me look like an alien
and i do feel uncomfortable.

Maybelline Baby Lips

As a lip balm fiend, currently Maybelline Baby Lips is my best friend.
It claimed with 8 hour hydration, formulated with Centella Essence and SPF 20.
use it for 4 weeks in a row to see the final result for plump & smooth lips.

Lancome Color Fever Matte #151

Craving for red bright lipstick?
Try Lancome Color Fever Matte #151 from their 2009 Fall Collection
A richly pigmented as well as matte in order to maximize the color impact.

20 August 2012

Giveaway : August 2012 Mirror Contest

5th Giveaway - Not open Internationally
There will be 4 winners :
a. 2 based on most creative
b. 2 based on most like

My New Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Hoorayyy akhirnya upgrade ke Ice Cream Sandwich, setelah berjibaku dengan Samsung Galaxy Spica yang OS nya hanya sampai di Eclair. Apalagi dengar kabar Galaxy Nexus turun harga minggu kemarin, tanpa nunggu lama-lama BB gemini + Galaxy Spica akhirnya di jual.

Apa kelebihan Galaxy Nexus sampai niat banget ganti?

Nail Art : Water Melon Water Decals

Love this nail art to the max :)
sponsored by KKCenterHK, it's a water decal easy to apply.

Hot and Summer, Vacation moment ! To complete your holiday looks, why don't you try this water melon decals? hassel free, DIY, very easy and only takes 20-30minutes.

Vanity Trove

Apa sih Vanity Trove?
Perusahaan dari Singapore yang mengirimkan random "hit/happening" produk dengan biaya sebesar 350.000. Mahal amat ya? kalau liat harga segitu sih deg deg ser juga, tapi kalau ngintip isi paket dari mereka sih pasti senang deh, soalnya banyak banget isinya.

jadi mereka sistemnya subscribe sebulan 350.000 (bayar dengan kartu kredit) atau mau langsung langganan setaun juga ga masalah, free shipping dari singapore (langsung sampai rumah).

Ou Pe Ai versus O.P.I

Hi there :) , wanna share "look a like" OPI that I found yesterday, I'll use my Nicky Minaj mini collection to compare with this "look a like" OPI. I bought it for IDR 12.000, way too cheap compare to the real one. For regular OPI nail polish cost you around IDR 180.000, do the count. Basically they just copied the original and changed the design/typo a bit, so it won't get sued in court. Due to trademark branding Ou Pe Ai versus O.P.I I don't know if you can call them fake or dupe.

11 August 2012

Tattoo or Taboo?

last sunday, one of my dearest friend asked me:
"mei, temenin gua nato yuk di mulie"
why not, a rare event and i can watch the whole process from sketch to final form.

the whole process it's about 5 hours, is it painful? is it hurt?
well.. since i'm not the one who got tortured by few types of needles,
i'll just say "maybe"

Canon S95 (so damn in love with it)

Diputuskan untuk posting ulang disini, karna beberapa reader yang menanyakan
jenis kamera yang dipakai saya untuk blogging.

sudah lama sekali mengincar kamera ini,
yang tadinya mau beli G12 tapi dengan pertimbangan mobile dan compact
akhirnya beli Canon S95, maunya nunggu S100 tapi masih lama.

Singapore Beauty Blogger : Elrica

I didn't know her personally, but i like reading her blog
she is Indonesian, that recently stayed in Spore along with her husband.
a make up artist and beauty blogger, she made it in Singapore.
she won Singapore Beauty Blogger award. woooo Congratsss!!!

once again!! congratulations Elrica.

*jadi giliran di Indonesia kapan? padahal banyak sekali blogger yang kompeten,
sayang masih dipandang sebelah mata dan dianggap hanya iseng :(

02 August 2012

Giveaway : August 2012

Giveaway Closed,
thank you for your participation.
we'll wait for winner announcement from LULA8ccessories 

This is a Sponsored Giveaway (Valid from Today until August 20th 2012)
Not International (Indonesia only)