15 July 2012

Wish Trend - Korea Beauty Online Shop

Wish Trend
have you heard about it?
wish trend it's an online shop, selling makeup, skin care from Korea.
so if you love beauty brand from korea like
skin factory, skin79, skinmiso, etc
this is the right place to shop :D

well layout & easy navigate website to browse

their mission is to promote Korean Beauty,
they have a wide range for beauty product for woman and men
from makeup, skin care, to body treatment.

So basically, WISHTREND is a supply marketing and distributing  Korean beauty goods
to all over the world and the BEST part its FREE SHIPPING
for order above 70USD. for order below 70usd? fear not, it's only cost you 7USD :D

In case if you don't know,  WISHTREND  have 3 shopping categories :
1. Wish Collection

2. Wish Box (my favorite)
its a limited edition and usually for special occasion and held once in a month
usually they offering cheaper price. you can pick 3 of their wish box
based on their price range

we don't know what's inside, but they do reveal the brand,
so interesting and tempting right :D 
if you don't like surprise, pick other wishbox like this one 
"WISH BOX"(No.3) - Premium
 $79.2(Retail Price) -> Only USD $ 55.99

for update wishbox, please visit their website

3. Surprise Deal
basically it's a discount deal upto 50% :D

do you happen shopping in wishtrend before?
what did you purchased? 

if you want to know more about them, check their :
INSTAGRAM : wishtrend


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