08 July 2012

Tips : Easy Manicure at Home

I love nail art, i like to paint them on my nail
and i used nail polish a lot and often,
some of them contain toluene (toxic), formaldehyde (carcinogen), 
dibutyl phthalate and hormone disrupter
and they are not good for you.
so I always clean and treat my nail twice a week,
using organic and natural ingredients.

this is what you need  :
- apple vinegar (holy water :D in my opinion) - as a nail whitener
- 1tbs olive oil / milk/ honey (contains calcium, potassium)
- 1tbs salt
- 1tbs sugar
- half slice of lemon
- hand cream (i used L'Occitane & Thebodyshop)
- top coat (revlon / etude house / sally hansen)
- bowl of warm water

How to :
1. wash your finger gently with soap and simply rub the nails using apple vinegar
2. soften your skin in the bowl of warm water (mix salt and lemon) for 3 minutes
3. dry with soft towel
4. gently scrub your finger using sugar+lemon for 5 minutes
5. soak them and rub them in bowl of warm water, and dry 
6. massage your hand , you can use olive oil / milk / honey (to fortifies the nail)
    to improve circulation and relieve fatigue
7. after a while, use your favourite hand cream
8. finish with top coat :D

it's only takes 20minutes
without paying the salon price :D
you can have your wonderfully pampering manicure.


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