08 July 2012

Sponsored : Talika Instant Manicure

Received blue envelope the other day from TALIKA,
they sent me "Talika Instant Manicure" to give it a try.
since i'm a heavy duty nail art worshiper, 
off course i can't wait to try them, 
and the best part it's only takes 3minutes.

Its stated :
the effervescent powder made from fruit and plant
extract whitens and cleans your nails in 3 minute
- whitens the nail tip
- softens cuticles
- lays a protective film
- get rid of the smells of tobacco

so, lets find out, shall we :)

first i'll show you my "before" nail
paint with filthy and rough glitter black polish
been busy last week, so that's how my nail looks like >.<

 yes, lazy me, i've been wandering around with these nail for a whole week.

close up view on my unhealthy nail / cuticles *been so busy to treat them

Lets start shall we :D,
1. first, clean the nail polish
arghhhh, filthy filthy filthy, eewwww

2. Then, take one sachet of TALIKA INSTANT MANICURE, and put on bowl, after that mix
     with warm water. I REPEAT!! warm mater, not hot water *stupid me, got burn.

 the powder smells so nice, like baby powder. texture like scrubbing soap but more soft and gentle

this is what happens when you mix water with those powder, turn into this blue solution.
i'ts like when you pour soda water, buzzzzzzzzzhhhhhh *its safe though

3. place your fingertips into the solution, and gently wiggling/rub them for 3 minutes.

and...... TARA!!! this is the final look
 without top coat

with top coat

please note :
All this review are based on my experienced and opinion, i am not getting paid for doing this.
so this review and opinion are honest.

So here's what i thought :
if you see my before nail picture, you clearly can compare it.
although its not becomes a super white and healthy (i still have some dead skin after treatment)
i still find this product do a little help for softening and reduce the yellowish on my nail,
and i know its due to my nail polish that i often used, i tried to prevent it by using
base coat before polish, but still :(

so for the conclusion,
to maintain a good, healthy and beautiful hands, do a regular manicure, moisture, scrubbing.
since i used Talika Instant Manicure only 1 time, i don't think they'll pop out like magic.
from yellow turn to white, beauty take process, so if Talika were generous enough to sent
me this instant manicure for 2 month treatment :D , of course in my next post, you'll see my
beautiful and healthy hand.*i wish :9


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