28 July 2012

Skin Food - Black Sugar Mask Off

This is my favourite skin care, been using this for almost 4 years now,
highly recommend, why?
- moist your skin
- exfoliating
- soft scrubbing
- cheap (you can use it for 6 months)
- plump and fresh skin after using it
- texture (sugar texture so bit rough)
use it once a week after you clean your face, and feel the difference.
please avoid your eye area :) , massage all over your face
until the sugar melt down then wash your face with warm water.
uuulalallala, feel it plump, fresh and smooth!!!


1 comment:

  1. aku juga tertarik sih, bagus kayaknya klo dari reviewmu. :)
    tapi ada parabennya, yahh? hmm...