28 July 2012

Skin Food - Black Sugar Mask Off

Event : Ultima II (Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen)

Ultima II & Cosmopolitan invited me to attend their launching of 
Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen (ESPC)
at The Only One Lounge & Resto FX - Sudirman, 
both beauty blogger and media were there.

22 July 2012

SISTAR - Loving U

My song of the week
SISTAR - Loving U
love the video, love the colour, love road trip story.
Basically i just love Beaches !! heaven!!
planning on August Beach Trip and get super tan!

btw do you guys love their make up?
so simple and wearable

17 July 2012

Giveaway : July 2012

thank you for entering

I'm back again with my new giveaway.
it ends on July 31th 2012
this is my 3rd giveaway, so excited >.<

15 July 2012

Wish Trend - Korea Beauty Online Shop

Wish Trend
have you heard about it?
wish trend it's an online shop, selling makeup, skin care from Korea.
so if you love beauty brand from korea like
skin factory, skin79, skinmiso, etc
this is the right place to shop :D

Healthy Lifestyle Makeover

Lately for this past few weeks i'm so into gym,
and what i found interested about it's their class program
which is body combat and body pump, exhausted yet addicted.
body pump to toning your body while
body combat a cardio exercise to burn out your fat.
maybe i should write about gym transformation,
i start loosing weight and toned a bit, well a bit.

check this body combat video, it's so fun.
aerobic combine with martial art,
55 minutes exercise - 800 calorie
give it a try at your nearest gym :D

body combat

08 July 2012

Nail Art : Etude Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails

Super in love with Etude Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails,
they come in 6 colour/range. mine is brown :D (#Princess Marry ) super elegant
easy to applied, glamours instantly. come in 3 small bottle (base, middle, top)
original price IDR 148.000, got this for 40% discount from Etude Event

Sponsored : Talika Instant Manicure

Received blue envelope the other day from TALIKA,
they sent me "Talika Instant Manicure" to give it a try.
since i'm a heavy duty nail art worshiper, 
off course i can't wait to try them, 
and the best part it's only takes 3minutes.

Its stated :
the effervescent powder made from fruit and plant
extract whitens and cleans your nails in 3 minute
- whitens the nail tip
- softens cuticles
- lays a protective film
- get rid of the smells of tobacco

so, lets find out, shall we :)

Tips : Easy Manicure at Home

I love nail art, i like to paint them on my nail
and i used nail polish a lot and often,
some of them contain toluene (toxic), formaldehyde (carcinogen), 
dibutyl phthalate and hormone disrupter
and they are not good for you.
so I always clean and treat my nail twice a week,
using organic and natural ingredients.

this is what you need  :
- apple vinegar (holy water :D in my opinion) - as a nail whitener
- 1tbs olive oil / milk/ honey (contains calcium, potassium)
- 1tbs salt
- 1tbs sugar
- half slice of lemon
- hand cream (i used L'Occitane & Thebodyshop)
- top coat (revlon / etude house / sally hansen)
- bowl of warm water

How to :
1. wash your finger gently with soap and simply rub the nails using apple vinegar
2. soften your skin in the bowl of warm water (mix salt and lemon) for 3 minutes
3. dry with soft towel
4. gently scrub your finger using sugar+lemon for 5 minutes
5. soak them and rub them in bowl of warm water, and dry 
6. massage your hand , you can use olive oil / milk / honey (to fortifies the nail)
    to improve circulation and relieve fatigue
7. after a while, use your favourite hand cream
8. finish with top coat :D

it's only takes 20minutes
without paying the salon price :D
you can have your wonderfully pampering manicure.