18 June 2012

Sponsored Review : ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask from L'Occitane

L'Occitane  : ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask 

Sweet smelling ANGELICA compounds get the job of hydrating done,
smells of clean, fresh grass, without the slightest sense that it’s chemically contrived.
It works well on slightly dry, dull, or oily skin.

you can read my post about ANGELICA from my previous post here

The best part from this skincare line it's only takes 3minutes,
they even put a tagline "beautiful in 3 minutes"
well.. the cynical and skeptical me cannot absorb this marketing tagline instantly,
I mean, how can you accept that. my usual method takes 30minutes.

At the blogger gathering L'Occitane representative explained
their new "innovation" takes only 3 minutes to soak up the benefits
of ANGELICA, instantly rehydrate and revitalize skin with instant
and long lasting results.  I was like "hmmm okay..."
all i did was used Hydration Face Mist couple time (ITS A MUST)
i guarantee you, its even better than ****n, smells fresh grass.
Really fell in love with Face Mist, i hope & pray they will produced
in small spray bottle so i can carry it while i'm on a plane, because for me
plane it's main source of hydration.

I cannot try some of their product at that moment, so  L'Occitane gave us
some product to try on, including this ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask.

So, first i clean my face using  
ANGELICA Exfoliating Gel
texture bit similar to scrub but somehow feels so gentle on your skin,
and off course smells like fresh grass :D
like this clean sensation after i wash it with warm water,
my skin become so smooth

Next : wash my face with
ANGELICA Cleansing Gel.  it feels more watery than gel
won't leave a sticky residue, love it
less foam, feels fresh and smells so nice

 so watery, i can't understand why they call it gel

less foam :D

And Now the highlight

this is not my bare face :D
i already applied the hydration mask 
*hassle free i think i can use this while i'm driving LOL

and its really takes only 3 minutes, after i removed surplus mask
with toner, my dry and dull skin feels so nice
its plump, fresh, softer and radiant. 
since i have dry skin, really dry skin :(
so, i found this product doing a big favor for me.
LOVEEEEEE THisssss !!!!


What about oily skin? can you use it?
lets find out :D, my hubby have a super oily skin.
so here we go (guinea pig tester LOL)

 pampered :) , put on hydration mask

 see the texture, so plain, you can't tell if we used mask or not


 hydrate .... waiting 3 minutes
the funny part, he complained :
"what??? only 3 minutes? are you kidding me? i want extend 5 minutes"

 cleaning using skin food peach sake toner for big pore skin

and Voila!!!  
clean fresh, plump, brighten and ZZZzzzz.. (-__-)

Here's my video on L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask review :

My Conclusion on ANGELICA Hydration Mask:
- Smells so nice
- nice packaging, even the box smells like fresh grass
- alcohol free!! this is so important for me
- fast and easy (3 minutes)
- really rehydrate my dull and dry skin
- plump plump plump
- bit pricey tough ( IDR 425.000) CMIIW

Thanks to L'Occitane  En Provence Indonesia :)
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  1. hahaha.. suami nya jadi korban yaa.. actually i did the same.. LOL!!

  2. hahaha, itu gunanya mereka, jadi kelinci percobaan.

    tapi gua masih gagal curl his long and thick lashes, selalu ditolak mentah mentah. wkwkkw