17 June 2012

Event : MUFE Rouge Artist Blogger Gathering

Been a while since my last post :) *lazy me
but i promise you, this newest post will send you off to heaven of make up *exaggerated :D

Last week i was invited by Make Up Forever Academy regarding to their second edition of the Rouge Artist saga. What the hell its Rouge Artist anyway?? Is a lipstick with high pigmented colour and moist enough to wear it all day long. It smeels good but isn't distracting.

Divided into 2 sections :
1. Rouge Artist Natural (Moisture, Sheer, Transparency)

Rouge Artist Natural has an ultra creamy formula that hydrates the lips with a natural sheen. 

Enriched with a cocktail of vegetal ingredients, made of waxes and Cupuassu Butter, it contains nourishing properties for a moisturizing smooth texture that glides on effortlessly.
Its translucent shine reveals pure pearls and pigments for a profusion of 50 luminous shades. 
Rouge Artist Natural makes it possible to find a color to suit every mood!

2. Rouge Artist Intense (Supreme Pigmentation, Supreme Coverage)

 is a lipstick saturated with pigments for an intense result. Available in 50 different shades and 3 different finishes, it will suit your everyday mood. Natural or sexy, ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE will last all day and leave your lips soft and moisturized.

Taken place at MUFE academy - Plaza Indonesia 4th floor, the moment i arrived,
i was welcome by MUFE sweet and nice representative, i thought i'm gonna feel awkward
since this is my first time come to Beauty Blogger event (meeting with the rest of IBB member).
Turn out all of them were so nice and "crazy" about make up hahahahha.

Here's some of blogger i met at MUFE academy
 Franky Wu

 Gabby & Bella
well, both of them kinda remind me one of heroine in anime

Carnellin, Mada & Nissa 

 lovely stephanie & funny endi feng

 stellalee, really amazed  on her hair

madafoe, love your makeup darl

I like MUFE event, they treated us so well,
provided us with lotsa food before we playing with make up,
if you havent been there, here some sneak preview, a nice ambiance to learn make up.

 deeply falling in love with aqua liner, the BESTTTTT!!!!!

after chit chat with other blogger and sharing thoughts,
MUFE began they presentation about ROUGE ARTIST,
all of the representative wearing a daring bold lipstick,
one of them even wearing 2 different shade for her upper and lower lip *amazing!!

Rouge Artist it's about wearing lipstick according to your mood, not your character. 
have fun with it and intensify it with varian of colour to suit our mood everyday. 
I thought it's a really nice concept. 
Don't forget to mention all of them are highly pigmented and 
delivers 8 hour hydration to the lips.

Their Secret ingredient (after i post it, not so secret anymore i guess LOL)
a moisturizing cocktail of vegetal castor oil and Cupuaçu Butter
for exceptional glide and lips that stay silky all day long.

after the presentation, they ask us to paired a duo team to experienced on their lipstick,
i have to pick suitable colour for my partner in crime "Rini Cesillia" ,
since she is so sweet and office lady lookalike, so i decided to pick
natural pink shade combine with light pink and top with fuschia gloss, the result?? lovable :D.

before and after *make up by me :)

meanwhile, she picked purple for me, first time wearing purple lipstick bit worry tough,
somehow the color turn out so nice and its match my outfit along with my makeup.
she combined rouge natural and rouge intense, finish off with purple gloss, love it.
 bare lips

 step by step


i put on my clip bang

Well, since i don't have photo group, so decided grab from phanie *excuse moi :)

Thank you MUFE for hosting this lovely event for us,
can't wait to have another one with you.
and to other beauty blogger, it's really nice meeting you,
all of you were so nice and funny.

and btw, each of us were given a little goodies and 
their new product warp in very nice blue packaging, 
soon i'm gonna review it, already tried it and 
........ >>to be continued :D
 new product soon to be reviewed 

goodies from MUFE (rouge artist intense no.32, lipgloss no.182, sens'eyes)



  1. You look so pretty ce, apalagi stlah matany ditambahin warna ungu °•O(>̯┌┐<)o•°

  2. hahah jadi malu eike, ini kan berkat lipstick ungu mu yang gonjreng.
    btw, kamu jga manis sekali lho, dengan aqua liner ijo mentereng :)