20 June 2012

Elizabeth Arden : Ultra Ceramide Lipstick - No.21 Water Melon

Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon ($22.50) 

 "The Ceramide Ultra Lipsticks are Elizabeth Arden’s 
new line of medium-to-full coverage plumping, moisturizing lippies. 
 Available in 18 shades of red, coral, neutral, 
pink and plum across three finishes in cream, shimmer and pearl, 
they’re packed with hydrating ingredients that 
EA claims make lips look fuller and younger.  "

is that so? we have a ton of lipstick brand that
offer exact the same thing (hydrate, moist, bla bla)
do my lips looks younger? well maybe a bit :D
consider this water melon colour really suits my skintone.
and do my lips looks fuller, not quite so
until i coated with my bodyshop lipgloss 

what i like about this lipstick is unflavored & unscented,
although only last like 3-4hours, i have to reapply it.
however two thumbs from me for this watermelon shades,
wear it with pale makeup or bright make, suits you fine.
coverage only medium, while the finish look bit gloss and moist.
what about the packaging? love it, tight cap and comes in colour of gold :D

for me, this almost matte, moist & creamy lipstick are worth to try :D


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