27 June 2012

Project : Make Over (natural make up)

Make Up Project :
Creating natural make up for indoor photoshoot

she has a flawless but oily skin, bit acne.

Face :
Moisturizer : Revlon vitamin C serum
thebodyshop foundation shade 02
concealer thebodyshop shade 02
thebodyshop loose powder 03
thebodyshop blush on 02

Lipstick :
 revlon nude lipstick
thebodyshop lip gloss

Eye :
Maybeline magnum Mascara

Brow :
thebodyshop brow kit


Goodies Bag from Etude House

I haven't try them yet,
but here the close up view 
goodies bag from Etude House
while i was invited to their event

look how cute this lipstick

I will be back with swatch and review,
well, if you can't hardly wait please visit their store
and grab some :D

Wanna Be Sweet?Play Etude!!


Event : Etude Time 2 - Pink Burlesque + Mini Quizz

love my nail :d ?? opi red + opi cracked gold

just sum up, IBB & Etude House invited me
to attend Etude Time Two event at Mal Taman Anggrek
for lauching their new line : Dear My Talk series 

20 June 2012

Have fun go mad with goofy glasses

Warning!! goofy photo alert LOL

I might doing giveaway on these funny glasses
which one do you preferred ?

 those were made from paper, a fun way to kill time while waiting food to be served

 This one is epic, don't you think 
all of my friend were like "eeewww grosss" ahahhaaha

Elizabeth Arden : Ultra Ceramide Lipstick - No.21 Water Melon

Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon ($22.50) 

 "The Ceramide Ultra Lipsticks are Elizabeth Arden’s 
new line of medium-to-full coverage plumping, moisturizing lippies. 
 Available in 18 shades of red, coral, neutral, 
pink and plum across three finishes in cream, shimmer and pearl, 
they’re packed with hydrating ingredients that 
EA claims make lips look fuller and younger.  "

Sponsored : Phoenix Nail Water Decals

Another sponsored from KKCenterHK :)
I got this nail water decals together with rose water decals
since I saved it for my cousin wedding party last month,
so i just reviewed it now *so late i know heheh

You can check how to use this nail water decals in my previous post
1. rose water decals
2. skull water decals

I feel so Yakuza LOL

Tuxedo Nail

Inspired by joey's tuxedo nail

Late post, i did this nail month ago :p
bit messy tough, since i don't have nail tools
i used tooth pick as replacement.
Nail Polish : OPI

 mind my middle finger, i accidentally broke them

 my middle finger was like small size tuxedo for kids :D

what do you think? if you need tutorial just let me know :)


I Just Change My Blog Domain

drummm rollll please ....
I just buying a new domain for my blog :D
so here I present you 

shorter and easier to remember

follow me @PygmalionLand
follow my snapshots http://travelpoison.tumblr.com/
read my travel & culinary blog http://www.travelpoison.co.cc/
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18 June 2012

Love your skin contest TBS

Wish me luck guys, I'm entering TBS & CLEO 
"Love Your Skin Contest" 

basically TBS & Cleo Magazine will choose 10 finalists
to try TBS new moisture white Shiso for 28 days,
and 10 of them should share their thoughts and experienced through :
social media such as twitter, Facebook, blogging, YouTube, etc

so i will need your help if i made it through final 10 *wish me luck guys
vote my photo during competition period :D


Sponsored Review : ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask from L'Occitane

L'Occitane  : ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask 

Sweet smelling ANGELICA compounds get the job of hydrating done,
smells of clean, fresh grass, without the slightest sense that it’s chemically contrived.
It works well on slightly dry, dull, or oily skin.

you can read my post about ANGELICA from my previous post here

The best part from this skincare line it's only takes 3minutes,
they even put a tagline "beautiful in 3 minutes"
well.. the cynical and skeptical me cannot absorb this marketing tagline instantly,
I mean, how can you accept that. my usual method takes 30minutes.

At the blogger gathering L'Occitane representative explained
their new "innovation" takes only 3 minutes to soak up the benefits
of ANGELICA, instantly rehydrate and revitalize skin with instant
and long lasting results.  I was like "hmmm okay..."
all i did was used Hydration Face Mist couple time (ITS A MUST)
i guarantee you, its even better than ****n, smells fresh grass.
Really fell in love with Face Mist, i hope & pray they will produced
in small spray bottle so i can carry it while i'm on a plane, because for me
plane it's main source of hydration.

I cannot try some of their product at that moment, so  L'Occitane gave us
some product to try on, including this ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask.

So, first i clean my face using  
ANGELICA Exfoliating Gel
texture bit similar to scrub but somehow feels so gentle on your skin,
and off course smells like fresh grass :D
like this clean sensation after i wash it with warm water,
my skin become so smooth

Next : wash my face with
ANGELICA Cleansing Gel.  it feels more watery than gel
won't leave a sticky residue, love it
less foam, feels fresh and smells so nice

 so watery, i can't understand why they call it gel

less foam :D

And Now the highlight

this is not my bare face :D
i already applied the hydration mask 
*hassle free i think i can use this while i'm driving LOL

and its really takes only 3 minutes, after i removed surplus mask
with toner, my dry and dull skin feels so nice
its plump, fresh, softer and radiant. 
since i have dry skin, really dry skin :(
so, i found this product doing a big favor for me.
LOVEEEEEE THisssss !!!!


What about oily skin? can you use it?
lets find out :D, my hubby have a super oily skin.
so here we go (guinea pig tester LOL)

 pampered :) , put on hydration mask

 see the texture, so plain, you can't tell if we used mask or not


 hydrate .... waiting 3 minutes
the funny part, he complained :
"what??? only 3 minutes? are you kidding me? i want extend 5 minutes"

 cleaning using skin food peach sake toner for big pore skin

and Voila!!!  
clean fresh, plump, brighten and ZZZzzzz.. (-__-)

Here's my video on L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask review :

My Conclusion on ANGELICA Hydration Mask:
- Smells so nice
- nice packaging, even the box smells like fresh grass
- alcohol free!! this is so important for me
- fast and easy (3 minutes)
- really rehydrate my dull and dry skin
- plump plump plump
- bit pricey tough ( IDR 425.000) CMIIW

Thanks to L'Occitane  En Provence Indonesia :)
you can like their facebook to 
Discover new Angelica Collection &
Win attractive prizes worth up to IDR. 10.000.000
please leave comment at their wall
" I read  L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Mask 
review from PygmalionLand"

and also you can receive Angelica umbrella, Angelica Face Toner 50ml & 
Angelica Hydration Cream 15ml for free
upon a net purchase Rp. 1.800.000 on a single receipt,
inclusive at least one of angelica product.
this promotion starts from 20 june - 19 july 2012
please check their terms and conditions for further information

Event : Angelica Blogger Gathering with L'occitane

Lovely invitation from  L'Occitane last Friday

Thank God I got on time, well it's Friday in Jakarta fiuhhh.
Another blogger gathering event hosted by  L'Occitane  En Provence
do you know how to read  L'Occitane ??
read like this (indonesia : loks-i-tan , un pro-vons)
they even have a slide to show us how to pronounce L'Occitane ,
the funny part is, even people of France cannot pronounce it right :D .

I did a little research about L'occitane :
The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan
with the purpose to create a company that celebrates and
preserves the traditions of his native Provence.
L’Occitane means “the woman from Occitania”.

L'Occitane en Provence is an international retailer of
body, face, and home products based in Manosque, France.
The company's stated brand values are:
- "Authenticity and naturalness,"
- "Effectiveness and pleasure,"
- "Respect and responsibility."

No wonder all of their product so natural because of their brand values

L'Occitane Indonesia invites some beauty blogger
for their new skin care line which is : ANGELICA - Hydration From Deep Within

why L'Occitane use Angelica anyway? at first it looks like dandelion to me.
however their lovely representative explained to me that this Angelica
favors damp ground in which its thick roots liberally stock up on water,
development is so rapid that it can reach two meters in just a few weeks!
thanks to its exceptional capacity for self hydration

It was designed to give a radiantly moisturised complexion
as well as combating tale tale signs of dehydration.
the best part can increase the synthesis of Aquaporin by 39%

and Aquaporin ?????
Aquaporins are skin water channels which can circulate one billion water
molecules between skin cells in just one second.
The best way to moisturize skin instantly is to enhance the synthesis
of Aquaporins.

Healthy Skin = Moist = Water = Aquaporins = Angelica



well, that's the preview of what angelica is, let's move on to blogger gathering
that full with feast , pampered from L'Occitane team, goodies, knowledge :D
so, the moment i step in Cafe Aria, the front liner greet me and assist me to
small area that decorated with green atmosphere (Angelica theme, remember??)
after i signed guest book, they gave me this cute cookies :

came along with that, they gave me hand massage while waiting other blogger arrive.
first i clean my hand using their mild soap, then they put on their 1 minutes hand scrub,
so moist and the texture so gentle, smooth. Follow by using their famous
handcream (i try 4 of them hahahh greedy me) my most favour is cherry blossom (B)

 before use stir well, until all the mixture blend well

 put a small amount

rub, rub, rub and voilaaaa.... fresh and moist

i recommend this, for Air Conditioner Warrior :D,
if you want non perfume, pick C, odorless but contain sheabutter 20% more
i don't like A, smells like orange, B it's the best for me.

While i got pampered , food and drink served continously slurppppp :D

 tester corner, can't get enough of them

 Angelica complete skin care at our table, while we hear the presentation,
we can try them on, Angelica sure smells so nice

 what a lovely decoration. 2 thumbs up for L'Occitane team

 Magic goodie bags from L'Occitane :D

 Angelica complete Skin Care from L'Occitane :D

Me with Miss Sarah Damanik, Marketing Manager of  L'Occitane 

Beauty blogger busy moment 

Photo Group with representative of  L'Occitane  

 Thank you L'Occitane  for sharing new knowledge to me
Aquaporin : noted
Angelica : noted
Handsome Angelica Farmer : SERIOUSLY NOTED !!!!!

See you next post on my Angelica detail review
photo taken by stephanie *thanks for the mug shot


Thanks to L'Occitane  En Provence Indonesia :)
you can like their facebook to 
Discover new Angelica Collection &
Win attractive prizes worth up to IDR. 10.000.000
please leave comment at their wall
" I read  L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Mask 
review from PygmalionLand"

and also you can receive Angelica umbrella, Angelica Face Toner 50ml & 
Angelica Hydration Cream 15ml for free
upon a net purchase Rp. 1.800.000 on a single receipt,
inclusive at least one of angelica product.
this promotion starts from 20 june - 19 july 2012
please check their terms and conditions for further information