07 April 2012

FOTD : Suspender & Hat

I just bought this cute hat and suspender
only cost me 75K for suspender and 125K for the hat, good deal :D

and I'm wearing
- top : from Hong Kong
- bottom : Levi's Jeans
- shoes : handmade from Bandung, got this from Wire Weekend FD Market
- belt : Diesel
- suspender : unbranded
- hat : unbranded

do you like wearing suspender? sometimes find it so hard to mix and match.
how do you wear your suspender?


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Make Up Project : Sunset & Tree

Wearable if you apply it in normal way :D, you can't wear this two theme at once for event
people will stare at you like you are some kind of lunatic
*even my mom gave me that "what are you doing" stare , LOL.

apply it using my NYX S117 beauty kit , you can check swatch and review with those link.

so here's the concept :
left eye : sunset in a forest
wear it for day make up, warm up your face

right eye : Forest Night
create this for night make up, so it's super intense (check those lashes)
pop up your eye.

hope you like it


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First post on April :)

Good Friday make up :D

I'm using :
- urban decay naked palette
- xoticon soft lens
- bodyshop foundation
- etude brow
- bodyshop blush on

-- I absent too long, neglected my blog, feel bad, i have ton of post like event, tutorial, etc
promise will super update on April :D --