04 March 2012

Nail Art with Pop Art Colour

Let the picture do the talk :*

OPI (recommend)
- bigswipe on the brush
- full coverage
- easy to applied
- vibrant colour
- compact for travelling (since it's mini)

China Glaze
- brush bit smaller
- thick, don't like it
- find it so hard to apply on my nail
- vibrant and pigmented color (SUPER)
- long lasting, nice!!!!

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  1. Aww cantikk ^^
    Itu Pinguin kan ya? *memastikan dulu mau komen takutnya salah hahaha*

  2. Beautiful and dazzling... I like the yellow color and how you mix it greenish glitter ^^

  3. @sasha : betyull itu penguin, walaupun agak kontet.

    @noniq, yiqin : thanks darl :*

    @Mui : makasi :D