27 March 2012

Reviewed : bhCosmetics eyeshadow

Bought this online from their website, took almost 20 days till i got the package.
love the small palette, easy to carry, fit for travelling.
I choose 6 neutral colour from their eyeshadow collections, mix with matte and shimmer.

So, in my humble opinion :
- pigmented
- affordable (exclude shipping fee :(
- fall off
- staying power, wear it for about 5-6 hours
- love the case, they have a magnet in each hole, neat :)

I will post make up project using this eyeshadow very soon *cross finger
been so busy this month, so once again, forgive for the lack of posting


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Sponsored : ROSE Nail Water Decals

Like my rose nail??
Another sponsored by KKCenterHK , thank you :*

This is how to apply it on your nail step by step :

1. clean your nail, apply a top coat

2. cut out the design

3. Prepare : a bowl of water, nail top coat, tissue, tweezers, scissors, toothpick

4. soak design that you cut off earlier for around 20-30seconds

5. Release the design from the white paper, carefully put it on the top of your nail
after that you can cut the excess design and dry it with tissue

6. Apply with the top coat and trim the excess design using toothpick


You can check this rose design here for product info.
And the good news it's they'll give you a 10% discount using pygmalion code :D Yayyy!!

10% OFF
Promo Code : BLGB751KO10
for all of their product
klik and start shopping :D
they sell a lot of cute stuff, like : wig, nail polish, nail decal, eyelashes, make up brush, etc

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26 March 2012

March Giveaway Winner

Tadaaaaaaa,   sorry for my late post.
and here the 4 winner of Naughty Bug accessories

We got 48 Entries :D

And here the list of winner

1. Rusydina Tamimi
2. warna warni
3. Annisa Pratiwi
4. Nila Kussriani

 please email me your full address


25 March 2012

Busy Month

Sorry for my lack of posting :(
really a bad blogger, but i'll promise posting more interesting story, review, event
and make up project.

and i'm gonna post my march giveaway winner soon :D
*cross finger

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07 March 2012

Nail Art : Project 2

New experiment using my mini OPI.
Can you guess what's that in my nail??

It's so easy to create this nail art, 
don't worry if you don't have those fancy nail art tools, just use :
1. tooth pick
2. pin (needle with round object)

and Voila.....

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04 March 2012

Nail Art with Pop Art Colour

Let the picture do the talk :*

OPI (recommend)
- bigswipe on the brush
- full coverage
- easy to applied
- vibrant colour
- compact for travelling (since it's mini)

China Glaze
- brush bit smaller
- thick, don't like it
- find it so hard to apply on my nail
- vibrant and pigmented color (SUPER)
- long lasting, nice!!!!

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03 March 2012

Sponsored Giveaway : March 2012

This is Sponsored Giveaway (Valid from Today until March 20th 2012)
Not International (Indonesia only)

So, one day the owner of Naughty Bug that happen to be one of my reader contacted me
and offering me a sponsored giveaway, she also sent lots of her collections for me *Yayyyy!!

A bit about Naugty bug :
Naughty Bug it's an accessories handmade line that started 2 years ago, the owner start this business merely
just from her hobby, while taking care of her lovely daughter, Violetta. This energic and warm heart mommy also a DKV lecturer in one of world class university. You can see her passion in colour since it's her best field in lecturing. She transformed colour and ambience into this unique handmade jewelry.

Naughty Bug collection it's so neat, adorable and feminine like, she made this for feminine girl that seek for minimalism design yet modern and super chic. 
The fun part it's : all of them are AFFORDABLE!!!. :D

Want to have some of her collection? so here a giveaway contest that you can enter.
there will be 4 winners, a pretty and limited handmade neckales for the lucky one




Regulations to enter this Contest (compulsory entry) :
1. follow me with GFC (state your name so i can track you)
2. like my FB
3. like Naughy Bug FB and write on their wall :
" I enter your giveaway through www.pygmalionfashion.blogspot.com "

4. Leave your answer here :
a. To complete your outfit, please state one of your favorite accessories (necklaces, bracelets, ring, etc)?
b. If you were a bug, what kind of bug you'll be & why?

more chances to win :
5. Post a blog entry about my giveaway (provide the URL)  (+3entries)
6. Post about my giveaway in your blog's sidebar, using image below and linking directly back to this post, please provide your blog's URL (+2entries)

I will contact the winner via email, so make sure you do left your email.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading on my blog.


01 March 2012

I Adore Adele's Make Up at Vogue Cover

Gosh!! look at this :  make up, photoshoot, wardrobe.
whole package looks so fab!!!
let's recreate this make up shall we??

How about I hosting a contest to make a look a like Adele make up?
comment below and i'll reconsider to make it happen :D

Second Giveaway Winner

Just decided to listing all the entry, since i have spare time.
I pick all the winner, using random.org tools,
by adjusting all the list from the first entry.

63 entry for body butter
54 entry for body scrub
5 entry for bath gel

and the winner are .....

*drummmm rolllll *

Congratulations to :
1. Body Butter : Monica

2. Body Scrub : Nila Kusriani

3. Bath Gel : Tantri Aprilia

Congratulations to all winner, i will contact all of them by email.
make sure you check your email and reply within 1 weeks.
if fail to do so, i will pick a new winner.

once again, Congratulations to all winner.
and thank you for visiting my blog.
gonna hosting another giveaway soon.

Love y'll