19 February 2012

Sponsored : Nail Water Decals Tutorial

Like My Nails ;D ???


It's sponsored by KKCenterHK, they sent me this lovely nail water decals, recieved the package last week

And... It's Nail Water Decals, so excited. I never use water decals before

This is how to apply it on your nail step by step :
1. clean your nail, apply a top coat

2. cut out the design

3. Prepare a bowl of water, nail top coat, tissue, tweezer

4. soak design that you cut off earlier for around 20-30seconds

5. Release the design from the white paper, and carefully put it on the top of your nail

6. After you cut off the remain design, apply with the top coat and trim the excess design using toothpick

After that, repeat the step for your other nail :D
 no flash

with flash

It's really eye catching , i got a lot of compliment on my skull nail hehehehe.
easy to applied and also quite cheap (USD$4.74). Has a good endurance,
wear it almost a week with slightly heavy activities and it's still in good condition :D

You can check this skull design here for product info.
And the good news it's they'll give you a 10% discount using pygmalion code :D Yayyy!!

10% OFF
Promo Code : BLGB751KO10
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klik and start shopping :D
they sell a lot of cute stuff, like : wig, nail polish, nail decal, eyelashes, make up brush, etc

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