02 February 2012

Skinfood Byulsatang Eye Color

I'm a Skinfood maniac, I really love all of their Skin Care from BB Cream, Toner, Moisturizer, etc.
But I never really try on their make up before, until I was struck by this cute packaging, do a bit testing and instantly falling in love with these eye shadow. It's a cream eye shadow, find it so hard when i try to applied using a brush, so instead using brush I applied Byulsatang with my pinky finger and it blended well.

This Byulsatang Eye Color have lot of varian color, i choose brown for everyday or night look.
all of them are so pigmented and easy to use.The best part is you can use it as a shadow or get creative and use it as a liner. It's waterproof, won't smudge, vibrant and shimmery.

Bought if at Taman Anggrek counter for : below 100IDR *CMIIW

This one it's mine, #7, Brown

  nice packaging

 cover seal, neat :)

it might look dark, but when you use it appear more light

nice brown with bit of shimmery

bit blur, i took this with my camera phone  :( 
i will try to redo this make up and take a better photo.


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