19 February 2012

Review : NYX S117 Kit Beauty To Go

If you read my previous blog entry, i did mention my NYX S117 Kit.
So here's the preview and swatch.

So I'm gonna review and swatch it per section, I'll start from the middle compartment, contents of :
- 6 lipbalm
- 1 eye pencil
- 1 mascara
- 2 lip liner
- 1 brush
- 1 liquid eyeliner

Pros : light, nude, smooth, comfortable
Cons : similiar shade

Pros : comfortable
Cons : too small, tend to fade out

Pros : comfortable
Cons : not waterproof, easily smudge, not 100% solid black

Pros : comfortable
Cons : not waterproof, easily smudge, need to reapply for solid black

Cons : not waterproof, easily smudge

Next from the lower compartment, contents of :
- 6 blush
- 6 lipstick
- 2 eyeshadow base
- 4 concealer

Pros : nice colour, easy to apply, staying power

Pros : nice colour, easy to apply, comfortable
Cons : some of them are too shimmery (e & f) , the lip brush just too small

Pros : creamy easy to applied, blend well, various range of colour to match your skin tone

The third compartment, contents of :
- 26 eyeshadows
- 2 Powder
- 2 Bronzer

Pros : light, blend well
Cons : only suits for fair/light skin,doesn't give a full coverage

Pros : light, blend well, love for countoring, staying power, pigmented
Cons : a bit Shimmery for daily use

Pros : pigmented, staying power, matte + shimmer
Cons : fall off
since there were lot of them, i divided them into 4 section (A,B,C,D)

 love the blue and purple (most of them are matte)

 perfect combination for brown shadow
 this section so perfect for black smokey

The Final compartment, contents of :
- 26 eyeshadows ( divided into 5 section)

Pros : pigmented, staying power, matte + shimmer
Cons : fall off

Fiuhhh, that was a long post with a lot of picture.
i put a lot of effort reviewing this, please don't copy without link them back :(

It's compact for travel size, but bit troublesome if you're a light traveller.
some colour of the eyeshadow not bright enough unless you use it with primer.
bit pricey : bought it around IDR 650.000 via online shop.
since it doesn't come with brush, you have to bought it (it only comes with 2 applicator, 1 brush, 2 lip brush) which i don't find it very useful. The eyeliner, mascara and liquid eyeliner came in a small size, you might run out in 2 or 3 months usage.

Repurchased? No, i won't repurchased it nor suggest it to my friend,
the beauty kit way too much for individual use, unless you're a makeup artist.

Used the Beauty Kit for this make up, what do you think?
using B.Eyeshadows - section B


  1. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. i like the last eyeshadows, full color :D

    btw nice post :)

  3. really a long review XD good job ^^
    bagus reviewnya :D lengkap.. hehe

  4. Thank you all for your comment :D, glad you like my super long post.

  5. Wow more power to you for swatching all those items in the kit. That is a lot of colors. Btw, not sounding negative but $65 for nyx product is seriously a total rip off! I felt bad for you to have to spend that much. Not that nyx is not a good producy as well, it just that you can buy that kit for so much less than what you pay for. I do however love your post. Very detailed. It's great for those who are hesitant to buy brcsuse they wanted to see the colors swatches first.

  6. Huh saya cari2 ini ndak ketemu2 (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ) dimana ni

  7. wah komplit banget *-* sayang eyeliner sama maskaranya gak water&smudgeproof..

  8. aku juga punya pallete NYX S115, aku suka eye shadow, blush on sama buat countoring. tapi yang gak aku suka di lipstiknya, terlalu berminyak dan warnanya gak keluar

  9. suka eyeshadow NYX komplittt :D