22 February 2012

FD 5 years - Make Up Contest

Just found out there's a contest in FD forum, so excited about it.
it's not just a regular contest, hear the prize sistaaaa :


  1. 1st Prize: ACER ultra stylish notebook
  2. 2nd Prize: Complete set of Make Up For Ever HD Collection consisting of six items (Rp 2,330,000 value)
  3. 3rd Prize: Make Up For Ever Make Up School Personal Course Voucher for 90 minutes Day Make Up (Rp 650,000 value) and CK Euphoria Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml.
the contest ends feb 22nd 2012, you still have one day. go!!!

And here's what i submit for the contest :
(blue, green, brown, pink, silver) and off course hot pink for lipstick

Ingredients :
Foundation : Skinfood BB cream Mushroom #2
Concealer : thebodyshop
loose powder : thebodyshop
blush : thebodyshop #2
lipstick : lancome red top with nyx soft matte
brow : etude
Lashes : Royal
Softlens : Xcoticon
Nail : OPI
Eyeliner : Maybelline eye studio gel liner

Eyeshadow :
1. MAC Carbon
2. borjuis eyeliner in metallic blue
3. skin food byulsatang in brown
4. MAC vanilla for highlight
5. Glitter green brown loose shadow (got this from FD Market Plaza)
6. NYX jumbo pencil Milk for lower shade
7. NYX jumbo pencil pots n pants for inner corner highlight