10 January 2012

Viva Cosmetics Gift

AHa!!! free package arrived from Viva Cosmetics.
Viva it's an Indonesia cosmetics brand, well known for it's eye brow pencil.
the holy grail brow pencil if you want to called it *exaggerated :D

well, how do i got this package? it's simple, just go to their website
and click a link for free sample, fill your personal detail and voila!!
you'll got this cute package contains of few sample, too bad this promo ends dec 31 2011.

what i got here :
- catalogue of viva product & tips of make up : usefull
- hand body : won't leave a sticky residue , nice!
- eyeshadow duo
- lipstick
- make up remover : haven't try that out yet
- moisturizer : haven't try that out yet
- compact powder

 lipstick swatch :
- glossy & glittery 
- comfortable
- 1 USD

eyeshadow swatch :
- pigmented & bit chalky
- 2 x 2.3 gr
- 1.5 USD 

too bad, the eyeshadow fall off from the palette :(

compact powder :
- beige and light on my skin 
- 1.2 USD

the truth is, i only know viva for their eye brow pencil, 
i just found out they do have makeup product, skin care, etc.
if you check on their website, you'll find out they have tons of lipstick colour (Squalane dan Shea Butter)
to moist our lips :D

as the conclusion :
- affordable
- comfortable
- easy to get


  1. gw jg uda kirim ke viva...tp kog ga dapet yah :(
    lo brapa lama dari lo isi form nya baru dikirim,mei?

  2. udah lama mon, sebelum natalan klo ga salah. satu alamat bisa di isi beberapa nama ternyata.